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Sugar, sugar

Pose Fair is open! Ok, yeah it’s been open for a while but you know me…I don’t really blog poses. AND IT CLOSES TOMORROW! I’m really good right? lol.  I didn’t pick up much except the Whimsy pose pack from aDORKable poses and this cuuuuuute Honeybuns couple pose from D. Luxx. So go now! NOW! Cause it’s closing tomorrow and if you miss it, you’ll have to wait until it’s the main store (probably).



They See Me Rollin

So I’m back! I know, not a very long hiatus. But a week was good enough for me. And what’s better way to come back from a hiatus than to tell you about the Shadz VIP group? For a 500L group fee, you get the privilege of being a Shadz VIP with access to the exclusive VIP lounge, a great place to chill and hang out (or snap a few pictures).

Not only that, but every on Sundays you’ll receive an exclusively designed pair of Shadz for VIP ONLY! How awesome is that? There’s a bunch more perks to being VIP but you’ll have to join to find out what they are! Can’t give ALL the secrets away 😉


They’ll Go Coastal On Ya

Summer may be coming to an end and school starting back up for some of us, so that means we should take advantage of all the beach time we can get! Mister Klaber, who is always lurking at beaches to “bird watch” asked me to join him. Since he was appropriately dressed for the beach this time in these hot mesh boardshorts from The Mesh Shop (free non-demo pair on the MP), I decided to grace him with my presence. Of  course, I had to buy a new bikini so I could keep up with him. Searching the MP high and low, I found JinXtimacy’s Mix&Match mesh bikinis. For 175L, you get THREE (Yes, 3) mesh bikinis to mix and match top and bottoms. What a great deal, right? There are a bunch of colour sets to choose from (I went with the Sailor set) but at such an inexpensive price, you could just buy them all!

*I noticed just now that my top isn’t rezzed completely. It’s actually supposed to be a cute anchor pattern. Just fyi.

I’m so tired of being good.

This year’s Vintage Fair is gearing up to be dress-tastic. I happened to pick up coldLogic’s Gish dress while browsing the soon to be opened sims. I know, this isn’t a new Vintage Fair release but it’s got that retro look to it, like 50’s rockabilly style.  Plus it looks great with the Explorer Bag from STATUS. The bag is part of a pose set aptly named Explorer and is just one of many sets available from STATUS at the fair.

I also just love this look so much, I had to do another picture to show off.

Hair ♦ Wasabi Pills / Sylvie
Sunglasses ♦ Izzie’s
Dress ♦ coldLogic / Gish
Poses ♦ oOo Studio