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It’s not what good girls do

The new edition for Perfect WARdrobe has started and of  course, it’s all lovey-dovey (for the most part). There’s a bunch of great stuff there so grab your valentine, drag him / her down there and get shopping! I definitely recommend Belote’s My Valentine dress and Delusions Dirty Mind tattoo set (Who doesn’t love lipstick kisses?) and Izzie’s new Heart jewellery set…it’s bound to add a touch of sweetness to any outfit.

Hair : Truth - Clara
Jewellery : Izzie's - Heart Set (PW)
Lipstick Kisses : Delusions - Dirty Mind (PW)
Dress : Belote - My Valentine Dress (PW)

Santa Baby…

Santa Claus should know that what gets posted on the internet is seen by everyone including Mrs. Claus! It seems that Santa has been spotted around some bars and photographed doing some naughty things by investigative journalist tabloid reporter blogger fellow manwhore, Bouncer Criss. Well, I can tell you that Mrs. Claus ain’t one to just sit around and let Santa have his fun. So she went out, found a nice little boy toy (one that the elves could only dream of making….well, the female elves anyway), and was ready to get her name put on the naughty list! Even good girls need a little spanking sometimes 😉

Perfect WARdrobe does Christmas

I’ve kinda been M.I.A this weekend and missed lots of events and stuff in-world but oh wells! I got some goodies to show you from the Christmas edition of Perfect WARdrobe. First up is this cute Reindeer turtleneck sweater from Izzie’s. It’s perfect for those chilly winter days or the perfect little touch for a family photo.

Of course, I can’t do a PW post without showing you something from Wynter! The Xmas Undies is one of two items being offered. (The other a mesh dress).  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bra that screams Christmas like this one. I’m also wearing the Holly Berry Antlers from ni,ju, available at PW as well.

When I logged on, I had been given a review copy of this new hair from Tameless. I’ve never heard of Tameless and I’m often prone to trashing things that are randomly sent to me without explanation (honestly). But I saw the word “hair” and decided to give it a shot. Boy am I glad I did! I totally love this hair! It’s called Nadine, and is available by itself or part of the Nadine Complete Avatar. All of the hairstyles at Tameless are re-texture and resize scripted and available in 28 different colors. Be sure to check them out!

Hair : Tameless - Nadine
Sweater : Izzie's - Reindeer Sweater
Pants : Surf Co. - Yoga Pants
Pose : Adorkable Poses
Antlers : ni.ju - Holly Berry Antlers
Bra : Wynter - Xmas Undies
Pose : Adorkable Poses

Sweet Days of Summer

Ok I know I said that I was going to be doing more winter theme posts but….there isn’t much snow on the ground here so I’m not yet in the winter mood. Plus I got this adorbs skirt from Nemesis that I just love. Which is saying A LOT because I hardly ever wear skirts. This post has been a few days in the making because I bought this a few days ago at Fashionably Late but I couldn’t find a shirt that went with it. I finally clued in that the Surf Polo from BOOM was, like PERFECT. I was also waiting to get some mesh feet from SLink. They are pretty amazing. I got the rigged ones so they move with the ankle, like real feet. SLink also offers static ones in four positions, which I guess would be more suitable for photography.

Hair : Shag - Stella Was A Dive
Earring : [ glow ] studio - Indian Summer
Necklaces : Artilleri - Wenche necklace
Shirt : BOOM - Surf Polo
Skirt : Nemesis - Lounge skirt
Feet : SLink - Mesh feet

Easy like Sunday morning

Last post I showed you Wynter’s jacket that is being offered at Perfect WARdrobe. Well, Wynter is also offering Me Loves Winterview undies! For boys and girls! Yay! Now I’m wearing the men’s boxers but there is a sexy corset and matching thong for the girls. There’s some pretty neat stuff at this round of Perfect WARdrobe but there’s nothing more comfy than a hoodie while wearing boxers (well, maybe there is but for the point of this blog, there isn’t). The hoodie is my first ever purchase from Medley and I’m very pleased. Everything fit perfectly which is always impressive when it comes to sweaters. I’ll probably be going back to get the other colours no doubt.

Hair : Shag - Goodbye
Hoodie : Medley - Hoodie
Boxers : Wynter - Me Loves Winterview (Perfect WARdrobe)
Pose : !bang

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