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I’m Going To Disney World!

I don’t usually join blog challenges (even though I started my own) because…well, because I see what other people do and I’m all like “OMG I’M NOT THAT GOOD!” But after 7 weeks, I’ve decided to try out the SL Disneybound challenge from Style Minions. They are seven weeks in so I’m now playing catch up. I skipped week one (Peter Pan) because I had too many ideas, I have to figure out just one to use! I’m also trying to use stuff I already have and not going out of my way to buy specific items for it so we’ll see how that goes…

Week Two: Ariel


Week Three: Gastongaston

Week Four: Snow White


Week Five: Dory



Excuse me love, I must admit…

It’s November. It snowed for about 5 minutes on November 11th. They put the skate shacks up on the Canal. That got me thinking about winter and how I can’t wait for (the greatest month) December (my birthday & Christmas!) Not to mention when I opened up V2, there was a big ad for a Winter Holiday sim. All this turns into me buying a mesh winter jacket from Pumpkin and heading out in the snow to take a picture.

Jolene poses with reindeer in the snow

Hat & Hair : Tiny Bird & Reek - Merritt's Hatt in Natural Blonde
Jacket : Pumpkin - Hooded Jacket in green (MESH)
Mittens : Sweetest Goodbye - Doggy Mittens (Not Available)
Pants : Illusory - The Skinny in camo green
Boots : MIEL - Puddle Boots
Pose : Magnifique Poses

I’m a December baby so expect more winter themed posts in the future!

BOOM! Headshot.

Don’t you just hate it when you spend all day cleaning the house, cooking dinner then decide to surprise your man by slipping into the sexy Soignee lingerie from Fishy Strawberry, amazingly detailed crimson Adnata boots from ADDiCTIA, put out some champagne….only to have him come home with a six pack ready to spend the night on xbox killing zombies?

I guess that’s why there are so many sex toys in SL!

Hair : Head Mistress – Sex Symbol
Lingerie : Fishy Strawberry – Soignee
Boots : ADDCTIA – Adnata
Condom : AJA – Baby Preventer
Pose : Glitterati

No idea lol. Except the hat is from Argrace, the socks & sandals from Reek.