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The Truth Of The Matter

I know there are tons of hair stores out there, I know this because I always see them on plurk and flickr. Knowing this, I always still seem to flip-flop between Exile and Truth. It’s now a Truth week because of the new releases! Of course I had to grab Dolly because, hello! Pigtails! So adorable, right?!

Sara really grabbed my attention because there is a simplistic, classiness to it. The headband is also colour changeable which is always a great feature.

LAQ released their new skin line…which I did not get. But pretty much everyone and their grandmother bought it so don’t worry about not seeing it enough. Why am I mentioning this you ask? Well, I’ve been trying to clean out my inventory and I came across LAQ‘s Vilda skin that I got when it came out but wore it for like maybe a week? I tried it on again and I still love how it looks! So what do you think: stick with Glam Affair‘s Cassiopeia or switch to LAQ‘s Vilda?


Fighting Evil By Moonlight…

Come on, admit it! You know you were thinking about Sailor Moon as soon as you saw the new Sailor blouse and skirt from R2 fashion at this month’s edition of Collabor88. It’s the first thing I thought of! There are 5 different colours available but the best part is that it’s not an outfit. The blouse and skirt are sold separately (88$L each) so you can mix and match!

Don’t think is this a cute, innocent sailor top either. It’s backless! I was SHOCKED! Well, not shocked but I didn’t expect to cam around the back and have no coverage.

ISON has these kippen wedge boots for 188$L. Available in a bunch of colours, the wedge is colour changeable as well as the laces and eyelets. I picked up the white pair but chances are I will be back to get some other colours because these are pretty awesome looking wedges.