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Have you noticed the lack of belts now that everyone is trending the mesh jeans from Maitreya or Mon Tissu or wherever? Well, I still love my belts and I especially love the new Squaring of the Circle from Scrub. The detail is just great and the metal ring in the back gives it some chicness. Definitely check out Scrub when you get the chance.

Hair ♦ Argrace / Military Cap
Body Camo ♦ Luck Inc.
Ring ♦ LEO-NT / Heart Ring
Top ♦ Insanya / StreetArmy
Belt ♦ Scrub / The Squaring of the Circle
Boots ♦ DRD / Loose Boots
Gun ♦ Epic Arsenal / M4 Carbine
Pose ♦ Bounce This & Purple Poses

Whores Need Guns.

Something that I haven’t seen offered yet from the Whore Couture Fair is protection (no, not that kind of protection). I’m talking big boy toys (honestly, still not talking about that kind of protection!) I’m talking guns because whores need guns too (Thanks Bo for that gem of a line). If you’re a role player, or just a gun fanatic then you need to check out Epic Arsenal. Yes, it IS expensive. But these mesh weapons are well worth every dollar linden. The detail is great, I’m sure with all guns, like the P99 (shown below), there are a bunch of options to boot. Customizable with colour, flashlight attachment, laser sight, etc. And like I said, even whores need guns every now and then, especially when they are Hi Tech cyber-looking badasses.

Hair : Magika - Andarial
Dress : RD - Hi Tech Dress (WCF)
Guns : Epic Arsenal - P99
Boots : TheAbyss - Stompers
Pose : Purple Poses

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Keep it classy

TRUTH DISTRICT is having a 50% off Sale! Along with the many designers located in the district, Truth has two new releases, Alexis & Tammy (pictured below) on sale for 125L/standard colour pack and 750L for the fatpack, one week only though! The sale is ONLY applicable at the Truth District location so don’t head to the mainstore and complain that nothing is on sale.

This is about my fourth time heading to Collabor88 this month. After getting some rez birthday money from a friend, I finally picked up the Deschanel dress from Aura. Aura has been all over the mesh and doing a great job of it too!

Hair : Truth - Tammy
Eyeshadow : Cheap Makeup - Glitter Factory 3
Earrings : Apple May Designs - Crater Earrings
Necklace : MIEL - UVA
Dress : Aura - Deschanel (MESH)
Shoes : Orange Creation - Mercy
Bag : Priss - Ereenu Oversized Clutch (Store Gift)
Pose : Purple Poses & Glitterati