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In My Skin

Because of LAQ’s new skin release, I mentioned in my previous post that I was changing skins…or debating it anyway. That got me thinking about how often people actually do change skins. As a blogger, I suppose that I should be always wearing the newest skin releases but I hardly ever do. I rarely buy a new skin unless I’m desperately in love with it. It also got me wondering if most bloggers have a “blog look” and a “everyday look”. If they do, what’s different? Pretty much everything I wear is what I’m wearing for the rest of the SL day. I know there are some bloggers who buy a skin just for blogging and once done taking pictures, change into another. Maybe if I had the money for it, I might do that but I don’t.

While I’m still debating about switching to LAQ’s old Vilda skin, I figured I’d show the three other skins that I’ve worn the longest (minus Tuli’s Claire because I think I accidentally deleted it šŸ˜¦ ).


Till Death Do Us Part

One of Apple May Designs newest releases is a beautiful mesh gown aptly named Lavish, available in three classic colours: Black, Red, and Ivory.Ā  This is a beautiful, classic romance gown done perfectly in mesh (XS – L). What’s even better, you can get the matching Edith Necklace for just 10$L this weekend. The discount will be removed the morning of Oct 29th, so grab it while you can!

Just Here to MESH AROUND

Mesh Around 2012 is a new grid wide hunt that starts June 1st and ends June 15th.Ā  Every hunt item is mesh! Awesome right? So far one of my favourite items is this Lottie Bustier from Ingenue. It fits perfectly and is given in two delicious colours: Limeade and Cherries Jubilee. I think it looks adorable paired with Izzie’s Panda necklace! Such a cute necklace but would you expect anything less from Izzie’s?

Shine On

Whore Mansion has two new releases, a mesh Barbie necklace and a simple Grey T-Shirt which comes in a variety of designs including this “I Love Ken” design (with I love Ken Shoes written on the back). There’s a couple more Barbie ones but I had to pick this one up because I was actually going to buy it in RL from These new Grey T-Shirts also pair perfectly with Decoy‘s Caleigh mesh shorts which I am so obsessing over at the moment. They fit perfectly! Way better than the one offered from mon tissu. It doesn’t look like I’m wearing a diaper or the leg opening can fit two. The only thing that is a downer, especially for taking pictures is that after the cuff on the leg, it goes invisible on the inside. I don’t know much about mesh or creating it so I have no idea if there’s a reason for it or what but it’s really the only thing that bothers me.

Also, I took other pictures with Maci from Little Miss Fashion Cupcake but decided not to use them…sorry Maci, don’t hate me!

Summer Baby

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! (or regular weekend for everyone that doesn’t have a holiday today). I guess lots of stuff happened this weekend in terms of releases including a bunch of cute stuff from My Attic. If you’ve never been before, everything is 95L including the great new hairs from Exile and Ploom. Obviously I had to snatch up the Exile release because it’s my favourite hair brand and while I don’t usually buy Ploom, this IS a pigtail style so….well, we all know how I feel about pigtails. Since Exile’s release is called Secret Summer, I was inspired to use Exposeur’s new Beach Ball Baby poses. So adorable and part of a great summer series from Exposeur.