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N-Core’s Lulu

N-Core has a new group gift out! Like me, you might be thinking, “Oh, another pair of Coquette‘s.” But no! It’s a new mesh shoe called Lulu! I’ve always liked the shoes from N-Core but the foot shape always seemed……off. These Lulu‘s have a normal foot shape though! Isn’t that exciting!


N-Core has a “click & match” system which I believe is similar to Gos but sadly, these don’t have that feature. You gotta use that old annoying RGB HUD. These are still really cute shoes and they are FREE! The N-Core group is free to join so really, what are you waiting for?


**UPDATE** I’ve been informed by N-Core creator Nuria Augapfel that these shoes are actually “sculpted (not mesh^^) actually they are not new, they were released about a year ago in other 4 single colors. …that all (i mean all) the shoes from the store have exactly the same sculpted feet (excluding the new mesh line of shoes and the new mesh feet^^).”


MyAnimation – October Group Gift

It’s the start of the month so I’d think by now you would know what that means. A new MyAnimation group gift! This month’s exclusive group gift is a 20 second long dance animation which I do have a small problem with. It’s not a continuous loop. It’s the 20 seconds, then an awkward stand before going back into the dance. I’m kind of disappointed by this because it ALMOST makes it unusable.

Getting Ready For the New Season

villena has some new mesh out! Just in time for the season change as well. The new Fleece Parka is an open, long parka with a ‘fleece’ collar, available in a variety of colours as well as a camo print and two plaid ones. For 300L, you get the male and female version so if you have a malt, it saves you some money.

The only thing I’m not fond of is this weird shadow thing under the collar (enhanced below). I’m not sure the point to this, and I don’t know if it’s as visible on the other colours/designs but I just don’t understand why they designer decided to include it on the texture.

In these shoes?

Normally I don’t do posts solely about shoes (see what I did there? Sole? Shoes? Get it?) But N-Core is having a sale. One of my favourite go-to stilettos are the Coquette Platform. I absolutely adore them. Right now, select N-core styles and colours are on sale for  only 295L. Yes, shoes that are normally 500, 700, 800L+ are available for under 300L.  I picked up a few pair and some that will quickly become new favourites ( like Zenm oh my gosh! So in lust!). Each pair comes with a TON of customizable features, from the heelcap and buckle colours to the nail polish; and in the case of Etoile, the 4 straps around the foot (as shown below in an edited photo). Styles that are shown with an ankle strap also have the option to be strapless (shown below with the Triumph style) . Skin matching is also super easy which is always a bonus! This is definitely the sale of the year for shoe lovers.

Zen | Triumph | Jolie

Hard Night

I want to apologize to April Looming, creator/designer of Wild Style Fashions. She so graciously provided me with her new Backless Mesh Dress to ‘review’ and I meant to blog it earlier in the day, not at 10pm. So hopefully she can forgive me.

Now on the to the dress. The new Backless Mesh Dress is not standard sizing. So it might not be the perfect fit, like in my case. The front/top fit pretty well (I’m around a standard size small) but the back (butt) was pretty big (usually a standard size small or xsmall). The dress is “designed with a loose fit to minimize avatar skin poking through” (as per the notecard); but “glitch layers” are provided in case any bits do poke through. These are actual glitch layers, NOT alpha layers. If none seem to fit though, for a small fee, April will create a custom dress for your shape. Overall, it’s a great dress from a great designer and worth taking a look at!