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My First Jeans from Monso

I find out about lots of new products from Juicybomb, including My First Jeans from Monso. I tend to find a jeans I like love and then never take them off. Like Maitreya‘s jeans…I LOVED them and they were the only thing I wore for the longest time. Then it was Crash Republic. Now it’s Deetales but I think the new favourite might be My First Jeans from Monso.  These look great, come in two styles (light and dark stitching), and along with regular “jean” colours there are “funky” colours available at faMESHed. I highly suggest trying out the demo, these might end up being your new “go to” jeans!



Red Solo Cup: Footloose

I know! I Know! I’m a day late and I’m sorry for those (one or two) that have been eagerly waiting for this week’s Red Solo Cup inspiration! This week was just soooooooooooooooooooooooo long. So when yesterday came, the only thing that was on my mind was Footloose! I think I listened to the song about a million times (ok maybe not a MILLION but a bunch) and I watched the end of Footloose (the 2011 version because it’s the only one on Netflix) a couple times because it’s just awesome and makes you feel like dancing! So if you haven’t figured it out yet, this week’s inspiration is FOOTLOOSE! I channeled my inner Kevin Bacon with my grey sweater, bleached jeans, and white hightops to get my dance on. I REALLY, REALLY can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!


I Ain’t Even Worried

This post was originally planned for Friday before I left for the weekend, but while I was working on it….SL crashed (like it has been doing to me ever since) then I got distracted by other things and now I’m just getting back to it (Sorry Sixx!)

HISbath-time is the newest 5 pose prop from HISposé. This technically IS made for men but come on, girls don’t bath?! There are 5 built in poses and includes a bottle of HISbeer, a cigar, towel and overflow water puddles. This prop is great and so detailed, but has HISposé produced any less yet? (The answer is no.) Since this is made for men, the poses are kind of….awkward for women. Make use of your “adjust” function (Position and Rotation are your friends!)

HISbath-time is available exclusively at FAIR, (another) new monthly event, hosted by CHIC Management. The event will focus on a theme of time, each designer being inspired by one of the 24 hours in a day. Yeah, I don’t really get it either but nonetheless the event will open on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Which means it’s open right now so go check it out!

What’s Left of Them Cutoff Jeans

For once I’m gonna be on top of things! It’s Friday! That means Fifty Linden Friday! One of my all time favourite “events” in SL. If you’ve never heard of it, basically it’s a group of stores that put out (usually) one item on Friday for 50L. Items that are usually 100L+ are 50L for the day (and sometimes the whole weekend depending on the store). This week has some really awesome deals like the new jessy studded shorts from erratic. TRY THE DEMO! They are mesh and you might not like the fit. Also, the demo is a blue pair but the ones offered for 50L are brown. Also out for FLF is the Aella hair from Decoy. I have the mesh shorts from Decoy, which I love, and never knew they made hair. Aella is mesh and comes in three sizes (plus a head alpha if you need it). The one shade from Blonde, Brown, Dark Brown and one with purple dipped tips is available for 50L each.

Hat ♦ monso – my western hat      Cigarette ♦ Hermony      Hair ♦ [Decoy Hair] – Aella     Shorts ♦ erratic – jessy studded shorts     Shirt ♦ Eaters Coma – Slashed Tank     Glasses ♦ Kalnins Eyewear – Aviatorz     Pose ♦ Magnifique Poses

You Can’t Arrest Me, I’m FAMOUS

For a time, I always dressed super…slutty. Like, everything I bought was from Luck Inc, and it hardly covered anything. Obviously my style has changed and now I’m always in search of stuff that would make me go “Hey, I would totally wear that in real life.”  Well, I definitely found a t-shirt that SCREAMS that. After trying for like 3 days to get into Collabor88, I finally made it in to find Tres Blah’s Half Tucked Tee. It is like..the perfection of perfection. Ok, that didn’t make sense and I’m not even sure what my point was but seriously, this shirt is awesome. It looks so natural and pretty much looks good with any pant (any = mesh). It’s available right now at Collabor88 in 5 colours (I think 5…maybe 4?). So go get it. Seriously.

Boots ♦ [monso] My Western Boots
Watch ♦ [MANDALA] Hokusai Bracelet
Shirt ♦ -tb- Half Tucked Tee
Ring ♦ je suis…voyante ring
Glasses ♦ ShadZ – FAMOUS
Shorts ♦ [Decoy] Caleigh Shorts
Hair ♦ [e] Studio
Pose ♦ Glitterati – Lineup