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I’m Going To Disney World!

I don’t usually join blog challenges (even though I started my own) because…well, because I see what other people do and I’m all like “OMG I’M NOT THAT GOOD!” But after 7 weeks, I’ve decided to try out the SL Disneybound challenge from Style Minions. They are seven weeks in so I’m now playing catch up. I skipped week one (Peter Pan) because I had too many ideas, I have to figure out just one to use! I’m also trying to use stuff I already have and not going out of my way to buy specific items for it so we’ll see how that goes…

Week Two: Ariel


Week Three: Gastongaston

Week Four: Snow White


Week Five: Dory



Kitsch Me, Baby.

To be honest, I didn’t know Collabor88 had themes. But looking back at previous rounds, I guess that makes sense. This theme for this round is kitsch. You probably don’t know what that is. Most people don’t. Basically, it’s ugly knick-knacks that your gam-gam has around her house from the 50’s. I think anyway…. But back to C88, whether it’s kitsch or not, it’s kinda filled with floral prints and bright pastel colours. And awesomeness. Like EVERYTHING TEE*FY HAS OUT. The Chloe Slouchy Booties, Lovisa Ruffle Mini Skirt, and Rachel Ruffle Sweater come in a variety of colours and prints (aforementioned floral included). Maxi Gossamer is also getting in the kitsch mood with three new necklace sets, Juicy Lips rings, and bangles. I had to pick up the Robot Dream Ride set which includes a cute robot and a penny-farthing, both of which can be wore together or separate. Floorplan has some kitschy furniture out as well, including these Kitsch Wall Plates. I especially love the flamingo one and the DMX lyrics. So…kitschy.


Startin’ to forget the way you look at me now

Kokane‘s new Blues Jacket is perfect for the fall….err…Spring? Who cares about seasons in SL anyway! These great looking tweed blazers comes in 5 colours, and are perfect for every day wear. Another new mesh release are the Skinny Jeans from DeeTaleZ. I’ve been looking for some new jeans, don’t get me wrong I loooooooove my jeans from Maitreya, Paper.Doll, and Crash Republic but I need more variety! These jeans are great, low rise but not ass crack baring, and anyone who cams your butt will thank you for wearing them. Oh, and the textures are really well done.


You Want a Piece of Me?

This round of My Attic ends soon, like two days soon! One of the best items there are the Pop Princess dresses from DCNY. The top row is very obviously Spice Girls inspired (which is awesome!) Normally I don’t buy more than one dress because well…I don’t wear them often but I bought 3 of these cute, sexy dresses. What’s even better is the fact that the top and skirt are separate so you can mix ‘n’ match like I did here combining the Virgin top with the Baby skirt. And I’ll probably go back and get a few more before Thursday because, hello…95L only for awesomeness!

pop princess_002

I know you like this dirty pop

I’m going to be completely honest with you, I had absolutely no plan to come back to blogging. But then I bought the Morning Tank from DRIFT. This has to be one of my most favourite mesh purchases ever. For one low price of 235L, you get 15 colours (10 solids, 5 striped) all in a convenient texture change HUD. For 10L less, there is a “Retro Striped” pack with 10 different textures, again in a HUD format. A special Argyle 3 pack is available today (Sun Feb 24) for 75L as part of Lazy Sunday. I don’t really know about the technically aspect of SL, so I don’t know how hard this is to do, or if it creates more lag or what but this texture change HUD thing is genius. It’s much easier to have one shirt (in each size) and a HUD in an inventory folder versus one shirt (in each size) x 15 different colours in a folder (that’s like a ton of items!)

=Kokane= also just released their new unisex Hanged Jeans/Pant. These fit great on both men and women, and feature texture changing suspenders. For 100L, it’s a great buy (and especially useful if you have a MALT or FALT!)

One more thing before I go, W. Winx  has two new prop boxes available at this session of My Attic @ The Deck. The theme this time around is Pop Music. To me, one box is more 90/2000’s pop and the other has more of an 80’s feel. Both contain built-in poses and the ability to change the colour of…pretty much everything in the box. All items at My Attic are 95L (including these amazing prop boxes), and only until 28th of February, so do not miss out!