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I’m Going To Disney World!

I don’t usually join blog challenges (even though I started my own) because…well, because I see what other people do and I’m all like “OMG I’M NOT THAT GOOD!” But after 7 weeks, I’ve decided to try out the SL Disneybound challenge from Style Minions. They are seven weeks in so I’m now playing catch up. I skipped week one (Peter Pan) because I had too many ideas, I have to figure out just one to use! I’m also trying to use stuff I already have and not going out of my way to buy specific items for it so we’ll see how that goes…

Week Two: Ariel


Week Three: Gastongaston

Week Four: Snow White


Week Five: Dory



While I’m killin’ time, being lazy.

Don’t you just love those lazy days? The ones where you don’t really have to get dressed, you can just bum around all day? Well, Mon Tissu just came out with the new Oversized Shirt perfect for those leisurely days. I was hoping for more colour options but there are enough to make it hard to choose just one. I went with yellow because I’m on a colour kick lately. I’ve noticed most of my newish clothing is either pink or a bland colour like beige or grey so I need to add a little something something every once in a while. I’ve paired it up with Maitreya‘s Stefani pants ’cause come on, nothing says lazy like sweat pants.

lazy sunday

Get BENT in autumn

Like most people, you are probably whining that summer is (almost) over. Well, now you can whine and grab a bunch of FREE items with the Summer Harvest Hunt from The Ego Co. This hunt starts tomorrow (September 1st) and runs through till the 21st and will feature products with a rustic / late summer/ early autumn theme. There a TON of great designers participating including one of my new favourite pose stores, BENT. I’m so in lust with their prop boxes like the one offered in the hunt. The leaves are just so incredible and the poses included are awesome. I’ve never really purchased anything from Medley before but this baggy sweater is pretty nice. Perfect for this autumn days.

Hair ♦ Truth – Jodie     Necklace ♦ ellebella (HUNT ITEM)     Sweater ♦ Medley (HUNT ITEM)
Boots ♦ Maitreya – Stagioni     Pose ♦ BENT (HUNT ITEM)

Cold Shoulder

Clearly I have no idea what day it is because I wanted to tell you about the 50% sale going on at coldLogic. Buuuuuuut it’s over (or very close to being over. It ends in three hours). Sorry about that. It was a great sale…bought some things that I’ve been wanting including this Clark shirt. I think it looks like a men’s shirt but you know…made for a woman. Definitely a great buy! I also picked up a dress (I KNOW RIGHT) and another shirt. I think my favourite purchase was the Clark top though. Next time I’ll be on top of things and inform you of sales before they are over!

Hair ♦ Truth – Jodie     Shirt ♦ coldLogic – Clark     Jeans ♦ Maitreya – Flare Jeans     Pose ♦ Glitterati