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Rollin’ in my Cadillac

coldLogic handed out a new spring gift! Exciting! It’s a cute, retro-like polka dot halter top. The gift includes a red top and a black one, as well as a version with the neck tie and one without. This is definitely a must-have for the upcoming summer season (although it’s always summer in SL if you know where to go). Check out coldLogic for some of the most popular mesh items on the grid!

Hair ♦ Wasabi Pills / Bambi
Top ♦ coldLogic / Spring Gift
Shorts ♦ League / Booty Shorts
Boots ♦ FIR&MNA / Steinbeck

Back In The Saddle

It was a mighty fine day. Yup. One of those days where you just let the sun shine down and soak it all up. It had started out like that, anyway. Deep down, she knew there would never again be a day when she could just walk around what was left of this town and enjoy it.

She had heard the gunshots first. Then a little TING! It was the unmistakable sound of a little homemade target practice with tin cans. ‘Christ, they are teaching themselves how to shoot now’ she thought. It was almost impossible, but the world going to a hell in a handbag was impossible once too. She figured she might be able to sneak up behind them, maybe catch them off guard. She turned the corner as she drew her Px4 Storm from its holster, cocked and ready. Her breath hitched, her eyes wide as her gun almost fell from her hands. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing in front of her.

Her mouth was open, but her voice had escaped her. Her mind racing…there, right THERE in front of her was Adrianna Steele. Trixie stood there, looking like a fool at the sister she thought was dead. Motionless, as if her feet were stuck in the cement, she didn’t know whether to embrace her or shoot her right then. The emotions hit her like a brick wall, the fury from the pain she’d felt over losing her all those months ago, the overwhelming joy and relief that she was alive, and more than just barely.

My love will get you home

Ever heard of Chronokit? Yeah, me neither until a few days ago. There’s some amazing mesh products available including this Long T Shirt. It comes in a variety of striped colours, as well as a solid black and solid white version. This was definitely one of those items where I was like “omg, i would total wear that in real life, i neeeeeeed to have it!” The only thing about chronokit is that they don’t seem to use the “Standard Sizing”…meaning this shirt only comes in Medium and Small. A leather jacket I also bought from there only comes in one size. So if you aren’t about wearing alpha layers to make half your body invisible, then you probably won’t like this store.

Another great pair of sunglasses have hit the SL market. Scrub released the My Aviators and they are quite good. They are texture changable and there are three levels of transparency for the lenses. They are available now at uhhh….Fashionable Late maybe? I forget! Sorry!

Hair ♦ LeLutka – Loose
Aviators ♦ Scrub – My Avaitor
Top ♦ chronokit – Long T Shirt
Shorts ♦ League – Booty Shorts
Flip flops ♦ Maitreya Gold
Pose ♦ Everglow

I’ll nose press your box if you lip slide my rail

Sunday is the day to head to the closest hill (or furthest depending how good a run you want) and shred that mother up! I wandered over to Chalet Linden to see what’s what over there. Well, I can tell you they got a pretty big ass mountain right beside the chalet (with free skates, skis and toboggan available). I sneakily rezzed my new SUR snowboard  and carved my way down.This snowboard is awesome. For a relatively low price, you get 4 versions of the board (Right Hand Att., 2 non scripted and a riding version) plus 2 sets of boots: Riding and walking. All are crazy customizable.

I stayed cozy in my Imprime jacket from JP.dsg, their first MESH release. You might be thinking, ‘Hey I’ve seen that jacket before‘. Well, chances are you have. Like most things in SL, the popular things tend to look the same. But this one blows all others out of the water….ok well, that’s kinda mean…let’s go with they are all amazing (but this one is better). You get 3 neck styles and 10 jacket textures. Yes, 10. The hardest part is picking a pack of ten you want!

Hair : Shag - Goodbye
Hat : DECO - Trophy Cap (MESH)
Jacket : JP:dsg - Imprime (MESH)
Pants : SG - Kara
Sock : League - Sport Sock
Boots & Board - SUR