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In My Skin

Because of LAQ’s new skin release, I mentioned in my previous post that I was changing skins…or debating it anyway. That got me thinking about how often people actually do change skins. As a blogger, I suppose that I should be always wearing the newest skin releases but I hardly ever do. I rarely buy a new skin unless I’m desperately in love with it. It also got me wondering if most bloggers have a “blog look” and a “everyday look”. If they do, what’s different? Pretty much everything I wear is what I’m wearing for the rest of the SL day. I know there are some bloggers who buy a skin just for blogging and once done taking pictures, change into another. Maybe if I had the money for it, I might do that but I don’t.

While I’m still debating about switching to LAQ’s old Vilda skin, I figured I’d show the three other skins that I’ve worn the longest (minus Tuli’s Claire because I think I accidentally deleted it šŸ˜¦ ).


The Truth Of The Matter

I know there are tons of hair stores out there, I know this because I always see them on plurk and flickr. Knowing this, I always still seem to flip-flop between Exile and Truth. It’s now a Truth week because of the new releases! Of course I had to grab Dolly because, hello! Pigtails! So adorable, right?!

Sara really grabbed my attention because there is a simplistic, classiness to it. The headband is also colour changeable which is always a great feature.

LAQ released their new skin line…which I did not get. But pretty much everyone and their grandmother bought it so don’t worry about not seeing it enough. Why am I mentioning this you ask? Well, I’ve been trying to clean out my inventory and I came across LAQ‘s Vilda skin that I got when it came out but wore it for like maybe a week? I tried it on again and I still love how it looks! So what do you think: stick with Glam Affair‘s Cassiopeia or switch to LAQ‘s Vilda?

Baby it’s cold

It’s kinda funny that I decide to show off the lingerie that comes with the new Jolene Complete Avatar from Tameless because at the same time I was taking the picture, I was talking with someone about how I don’t need any more lingerie because I have no one to wear it for! I couldn’t resist this though…it’s named Jolene after all! I probably should have blogged the complete avatar but………I didn’t.

I also picked up the new Wasabi Pills mesh hair like every other girl in SecondLife. It’s SO cute! I love almost any hair with braided pigtails and that fact that it’s mesh is just a bonus really.

Dance is the poetic baring of the soul through motion.

One of the best costume stores in SL is Deviance. Everything there is just amazing. The detail blows my mind sometimes. By far, my favourite is the Tinkerbell costume (see it here!)

I’ve gotten a few free gifts from there so I figured why not blog one? This is the Arcane Dancer Silks. I believe this colour was an exclusive group gift colour. Isn’t it pretty? Everything is prim. Which sorta sucks if you don’t wear the included shape. But luckily, the shape is gorgeous so it works out good. I did my best to get a close up so you can see the beautiful detail. Deviance is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for that perfect costume.