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Red Solo Cup: Strength

This week was a really tough week for me for various reasons, including a medical scare. So this week’s Red Solo Cup challenge is Strength.

Strength means many things to many people. For me, this week, strength was being able to smile and keep it together while faced with difficult situations. I faced many possible “break downs” this week, but managed to keep it under control for the benefit of others.

What does Strength mean to you?



I’m Going To Disney World!

I don’t usually join blog challenges (even though I started my own) because…well, because I see what other people do and I’m all like “OMG I’M NOT THAT GOOD!” But after 7 weeks, I’ve decided to try out the SL Disneybound challenge from Style Minions. They are seven weeks in so I’m now playing catch up. I skipped week one (Peter Pan) because I had too many ideas, I have to figure out just one to use! I’m also trying to use stuff I already have and not going out of my way to buy specific items for it so we’ll see how that goes…

Week Two: Ariel


Week Three: Gastongaston

Week Four: Snow White


Week Five: Dory


You Want a Piece of Me?

This round of My Attic ends soon, like two days soon! One of the best items there are the Pop Princess dresses from DCNY. The top row is very obviously Spice Girls inspired (which is awesome!) Normally I don’t buy more than one dress because well…I don’t wear them often but I bought 3 of these cute, sexy dresses. What’s even better is the fact that the top and skirt are separate so you can mix ‘n’ match like I did here combining the Virgin top with the Baby skirt. And I’ll probably go back and get a few more before Thursday because, hello…95L only for awesomeness!

pop princess_002

Playing With The Queen Of Hearts

I really didn’t think that I would be doing this many Halloween posts. (I know it’s only really been like 1 but still.) Beautiful Dirty Rich is back after a 5 month hiatus just in time for Halloween with 5 new mesh costumes. Like previous BDR costumes, it comes with everything you need so it’s basically a one-stop shop (except for the basics like hair, skin  and shape, etc.) If you’re a corset lover, then you are in luck. 3 of the 5 costumes include beautiful mesh corsets, while the other two are mesh catsuits.  I love Jester because it’s very Harley Quinn-esque but I had to show you Queen of Hearts because last night I had the urge to dress up as Alice In Wonderland but not “classic” Alice. This outfit is perfect mix of Alice meets the Queen. It comes with a really neat crown but I decided to use LaViere‘s Fake Plastic Crown.

Just a Bit Erratic

Today’s Fifty Linden Friday is kind of disappointing, for me anyway. The only thing I picked up was the Ripped Stockings from erratic. For only 50L you’ll get 8 different colours in two styles: thigh high and full length,  provided in an sock and underwear layer. Since erratic was the only purchase of the day, I decided to wear some of my favourite erratic items like the Jessy Studded Shorts and Amy Silk Blouse.

erratic is doing awesome things with mesh and if you aren’t part of the update group, I suggest you get in on that because group members get 30% off all new releases as an introductory sale price. Isn’t that a great way to treat your customers?