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December baby, you are mine.

One of my favourite things about winter is the fact that it’s actually practical to wear a toque (which is good cause I have at least 25! Hey, I’m Canadian, don’t judge me!) It seems that this year, there is no shortage of toques in Second Life (especially Trapper hats!). Usually I stay away from hats because they always need to be resized to some ridiculous huge size to fit your head/hair and that ends up looking stupid. Unless it already comes with hair…like this AWESOME Freija hair from MINA. Freija is the special item for the Je Suis Christmas Market (Now until the 23rd). Freija is a pigtail style hair with a texture changing mesh Trapper hat (8 textures).  Beautiful Dirty Rich keeps coming out with great winter outfits (in a variety of colours for every occasion), like the new Keep Me Warm outfit.

I’ve blogged about BDR before so you know that, like other BDR outfits, this comes with everything under the sink. That includes a hat! I probably should have shown the hat because it’s so cute but I really wanted to show you the Knitted Puffy Hat (Men Only Hunt item) from Blah. I know, you’ve probably seen this ALL over the place on the gents and ladies, well that just means it’s an AMAZING product and you should go grab it while you can (cause it’s free!!)

 Hair/Hat : Mina - Freija
 Glasses : [N] - Classic Avaiators
 Shirt : Illusory - HoHoHo
 Jacket/Pants/Boots : Beautiful Dirty Rich - Keep Me Warm
 Mittens : League - Sheepskin Mitten
 Pose : Juxtapose - Catch a Flake
 Hat : Blah - Knitted Puffy Hat (Men Only Hunt)
 Hair : Elikatira - Story
 Pose : Exposeur - Mittens (Free)

Excuse me love, I must admit…

It’s November. It snowed for about 5 minutes on November 11th. They put the skate shacks up on the Canal. That got me thinking about winter and how I can’t wait for (the greatest month) December (my birthday & Christmas!) Not to mention when I opened up V2, there was a big ad for a Winter Holiday sim. All this turns into me buying a mesh winter jacket from Pumpkin and heading out in the snow to take a picture.

Jolene poses with reindeer in the snow

Hat & Hair : Tiny Bird & Reek - Merritt's Hatt in Natural Blonde
Jacket : Pumpkin - Hooded Jacket in green (MESH)
Mittens : Sweetest Goodbye - Doggy Mittens (Not Available)
Pants : Illusory - The Skinny in camo green
Boots : MIEL - Puddle Boots
Pose : Magnifique Poses

I’m a December baby so expect more winter themed posts in the future!

Look what I can do!

This is a pretty random outfit I know but I realized that I can do mesh (!) items now so I had to give it a try. I also didn’t really feel like looking through my inventory to find a matching outfit….but this doesn’t look too bad right?

The Madison Boots are from DECO and I believe they were giving out as a free group gift (cause I don’t imagine that I would have bought a mesh product before). They are pretty amazing and I’m impressed with what mesh can do. Whether or not it will take over and become mainstream though….I’m not sure. I think there are still many people who don’t have a good enough computer to run SL the way it should be. Either way, it’s amazing to see what is being offered.

The hoodie is from Wynter and I believe it might be available during the Vintage Fair but I’m not exactly sure. It’s SO cute and the knit detail is just awesome.

Hair : Elikatira – Vivid in Brown 10
Shirt : Blah – My Used Baseball Tee
Hoodie : Wynter – Warm Me Up Jacket in Grasso
Pants : Illusory – The Skinny in Camo Green
Boots : DECO – Madison Boots in Olive (MESH)
Pose : TeaSoup