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Happy Independence Day to all my American readers!

It’s the 4th of July. Just another day to everyone on the planet except for Americans. So I grabbed my british friend and we were fake americans for a little bit.  ShadZ has some neat 4th of July glasses that are available in three styles including the new Aviator style. Enjoy your bar-be-ques, parades, fireworks, and beer!

Come on in, the water’s fine.

Collabor88 has started again for the month. Hucci has a few releases this round including a Playboy Bunny type mesh outfit (which I’ll blog about soon) and this Retro Bikini in three different colours. This is my first mesh bikini and I kinda like it. I did, however have to modify my shape because my ass is too small apparently. So I used the Standard Size Small shape settings..which turned out to be only a few minor adjustments and bam, perfect fit. There’s a bunch of other great mesh and non mesh items in this round of Collobra88 so head over and check it out.

Minty Summer

Hucci has some new cute summer-y mesh releases. The new high waisted Tai mesh skirt pairs perfectly with the Salli Crop Top, which also would go great with anything really. Sorry for the SUPER SUPER short post but my head is just like…blah.

hair ♦ exile / secret summer
top ♦ hucci / salli
skirt ♦ hucci / tai
pose ♦ frooti