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What’s Left of Them Cutoff Jeans

For once I’m gonna be on top of things! It’s Friday! That means Fifty Linden Friday! One of my all time favourite “events” in SL. If you’ve never heard of it, basically it’s a group of stores that put out (usually) one item on Friday for 50L. Items that are usually 100L+ are 50L for the day (and sometimes the whole weekend depending on the store). This week has some really awesome deals like the new jessy studded shorts from erratic. TRY THE DEMO! They are mesh and you might not like the fit. Also, the demo is a blue pair but the ones offered for 50L are brown. Also out for FLF is the Aella hair from Decoy. I have the mesh shorts from Decoy, which I love, and never knew they made hair. Aella is mesh and comes in three sizes (plus a head alpha if you need it). The one shade from Blonde, Brown, Dark Brown and one with purple dipped tips is available for 50L each.

Hat ♦ monso – my western hat      Cigarette ♦ Hermony      Hair ♦ [Decoy Hair] – Aella     Shorts ♦ erratic – jessy studded shorts     Shirt ♦ Eaters Coma – Slashed Tank     Glasses ♦ Kalnins Eyewear – Aviatorz     Pose ♦ Magnifique Poses

She’s the one you’re leaving me for

I totally forgot to add the picture of the Boom Taut tube mesh dress, so here it is! In its very own post. The Taut Tube is more summer-y than Hye, I think. And remember, it comes in 44 (!!!) different colours, yeah, I KNOW. Have fun picking just one!

What did she say

iPod’s are so last week, iPepper is the new thing! Available at The Fashion Garrett only, iPepper is a hip iPod with around the neck earbuds. It comes in 3 lengths and is colour changable. The tank top is mesh and really amazing. Only 40L at Raspberry Asritocrat, there’s a Winter Wonderland sale going on on the sim so I don’t know if it’s usually that cheap so might as well snatch them all up now.


It’s a nice day to start again.

Miel gave out the new UVA necklace and earring set as a group gift, a “thank you” for all the support from customers the past year. The set is colour changeable (stones & string) and the necklace has the new resizer which allows you to change the length, width and depth of the necklace separately for a perfect fit.

If you wanna get your hands on this stylish set, you can get it from the subscribo when you join the group so head over to Miel!