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Faire’s Fair

There are a few events going on in SL at the moment (aren’t there always?) but this weekend, the fifth Fantasy Faire opens.  Personally, I’ve never been but I hear it’s quite amazing, especially if you are into fantasy wear. Plus, it’s a Relay For Life event so it’s for a good cause too! Pin Me Down will be one of the vendors at the faire (sharing a stall with SAKIDE this year, so you can find them on the Lotus Valley Dream sim) with some exclusive makeups. The Warrior comes in a faded black, and faded white which is tintable you can make it any colour you want. Myst comes in six different layers so you wear it how you want. Because this is a RFL event, 100% of the purchase price will go to donations. Another Warrior makeup will be a hunt prize that goes on for the duration of the Faire.

Speaking of fairs, Kawaii Fair has already started and runs until the 26th (or 28th? Both dates are listed on the blog so I’m not sure). Kawaii is full of nauseously adorably cute everything! Most of it isn’t my style but had to pick up this super cute Panda Tank Top from (R E D). It’s a panda! How can you not want it?!


Oh, one last thing, this week’s Red Solo Cup challenge is Austin Powers / 60’s British Invasion!  I got inspired because someone on plurk mentioned that with LeLutka‘s Bouffant hair, I looked like a fembot from Austin Powers. So originally I wanted to take a picture with a bunch of girls, all with the same lingerie and hair but because of various issues, it ended up just being Aevalah and I. I think we would be some pretty damn hot fembots.


I can’t wait to see all your submissions in the Flickr group because I think this will be a real fun theme for everyone!!


A Flower Cannot Blossom Without Sunshine

The Boutique is a bi-monthly event sponsored by The Liaison Collaborative that brings together a wonderful group of designers in specially themed vignettes. There’s stuff for males and females (although, as usual more for females. Just a fair warning).  One of the gorgeous items available for men is a pose from HISposé aptly named HISblossom which will be available until April 10th (although probably available in store and on the MP after). If you didn’t already know, HISposé is a awesome pose store made by a man (the talented Sixx Yangtz) for men….but sometimes females use them too. Because we can never have enough stuff, amiright?


Glam Affair – Zara

Good thing I held off on the announcement that I’d finally be getting a male blogger to bring some class to this blog up! Last night, before everything went to hell, I went and bought Glam Affair‘s Zara. Which means I actually bought $L just for this purchase. For most, that’s probably normal but that’s a HUGE deal for me. I hardly buy $L, and when I do, it’s never for one specific item.  I became a huge Glam Affair fan with Linn and I haven’t looked back since. Zara is no different. This skin is fawless (imo) and comes in great variety of makeups to satisfy all your needs. It’s available now at Skin Fair until the end of the month, then I imagine will be available in the mainstore after.


The Truth of the matter

I was able to get into the Arcade! I know right! It means most of the SLebrity bloggers are done getting everything they want and have vacated the premises…except to come back to take some photos maybe. Either way, it’s probably now a good time to try and get in and spend on your moneys on all the things. I highly recommend playing Truth‘s machine for this awesome Video Games hair. There are 15 “common” colours and 5 rares. Each comes with a detachable flower headband (either roses or orchids) so if you get more than one, you can mix & match!


You Want a Piece of Me?

This round of My Attic ends soon, like two days soon! One of the best items there are the Pop Princess dresses from DCNY. The top row is very obviously Spice Girls inspired (which is awesome!) Normally I don’t buy more than one dress because well…I don’t wear them often but I bought 3 of these cute, sexy dresses. What’s even better is the fact that the top and skirt are separate so you can mix ‘n’ match like I did here combining the Virgin top with the Baby skirt. And I’ll probably go back and get a few more before Thursday because, hello…95L only for awesomeness!

pop princess_002