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Playing With The Queen Of Hearts

I really didn’t think that I would be doing this many Halloween posts. (I know it’s only really been like 1 but still.) Beautiful Dirty Rich is back after a 5 month hiatus just in time for Halloween with 5 new mesh costumes. Like previous BDR costumes, it comes with everything you need so it’s basically a one-stop shop (except for the basics like hair, skin  and shape, etc.) If you’re a corset lover, then you are in luck. 3 of the 5 costumes include beautiful mesh corsets, while the other two are mesh catsuits.  I love Jester because it’s very Harley Quinn-esque but I had to show you Queen of Hearts because last night I had the urge to dress up as Alice In Wonderland but not “classic” Alice. This outfit is perfect mix of Alice meets the Queen. It comes with a really neat crown but I decided to use LaViere‘s Fake Plastic Crown.

Keep Me In EXILE

The day I had to bring my laptop in for repairs was the same day that Exile released two new hairs. How sad was I seeing it all over plurk and flickr. So while Catch My Breath has been out for a week, I’m still going to show it off because it was the first thing I bought when I got my laptop back. Seriously. I TP’d to the store from login. THAT’S how much I love Exile. No joke. My all time favourite hair creator and Catch My Breath doesn’t disappoint. I find it’s reminiscent of Lucia (a TDRB style) but updated to mesh which is always a good thing.

I also snatched up whatever‘s new yellow dot corset for 55L at this session of Fi*Fridays. There are 4 designs available and I don’t know if it’s the same for all mesh corsets but the fitting for the chest is a little….off. It’s still very wearable but I did adjust my boob size to make it look kinda normal.

You know what makes up for not being able to buy Catch My Breath when it came out? THREE group gifts from Exile! Rayanne, Violetta, and Betty Lou, which were released previously in a TDRB exclusive colour pack are not just given like that…but given in an ALL COLOURS pack. That’s like….a ton of hair choices. The All Colours pack also includes the new Natural Fusion colourings, in case you were wondering.

Rayanne in Fairytale | Violetta in Mermaid

Betty Lou in Hollywood

Your Winter

I hardly ever do posts solely for a hair. Exile’s new release Your Winter deserves it though. Exile has been on a role lately.I haven’t picked up all the new releases but I buy at least one of the new styles with each release. I will also admit that I’m loving the Natural Fusions colouring. But back to Your Winter. For one, I love the name. Lately I’ve been sporting longer lengths but this is the prefect shoulder length style with just the right amount of curly/waviness. I’ll be wearing this for a long time…or at least until the next Exile release!