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GRASPing for you

Isn’t it funny how you can forget about stores that were once your “Go To” places? Take Grasp for example. When I started to “get into fashion” and realized how ugly (imo) bling was, I discovered Grasp. It was definitely one of my favourite stores…then mesh happened. And my style changed. And I stopped going to Grasp. Recently, I went back because someone told me they have made some great mesh items. How right they were! The Fur Hooded Military Jacket is right up my alley and pretty amazing looking. It’s available for both men and women, comes in a variety of colours and the included HUD allows you to remove the shirt and/or change the texture (from solid, to plaid, to zebra). It also comes with a fur attachment for around the hood.


Strawberry Singh recently did a video tutorial on method for adding lightning and shadows in Photoshop that I decided to try out. I think I did alright?


My love will get you home

Ever heard of Chronokit? Yeah, me neither until a few days ago. There’s some amazing mesh products available including this Long T Shirt. It comes in a variety of striped colours, as well as a solid black and solid white version. This was definitely one of those items where I was like “omg, i would total wear that in real life, i neeeeeeed to have it!” The only thing about chronokit is that they don’t seem to use the “Standard Sizing”…meaning this shirt only comes in Medium and Small. A leather jacket I also bought from there only comes in one size. So if you aren’t about wearing alpha layers to make half your body invisible, then you probably won’t like this store.

Another great pair of sunglasses have hit the SL market. Scrub released the My Aviators and they are quite good. They are texture changable and there are three levels of transparency for the lenses. They are available now at uhhh….Fashionable Late maybe? I forget! Sorry!

Hair ♦ LeLutka – Loose
Aviators ♦ Scrub – My Avaitor
Top ♦ chronokit – Long T Shirt
Shorts ♦ League – Booty Shorts
Flip flops ♦ Maitreya Gold
Pose ♦ Everglow

took my heart, broke my soul

When I started on SL there was this store called Tart. It had ‘ze sexy clothing that I wanted. Then my tastes changed and I discovered other stores and forgot about Tart. WELL, Tart is now Evale. And it’s worth checking out. Not only is it hot, well detailed clothing, it’s inexpensive as well. Like, 100L inexpensive. It’s a “full range” store that offers tops, pants, skirts, dresses, lingerie and shoes. They even have complete looks that you can buy for a few hundred $L. Definitely worth your time to pop over and take a look around.

Insanya also has some new jeans out. These Kate Jeans look awesome and have a nicely fitted flare.

Hair : Exile - Domino (MESH)
Arm Warmers : BOOM - Armwarmers (MESH)
Top : Evale - Mesh Tube Top
Jeans : Insanya - Kate Jeans
Shoes : Pixel Mode - Baby T's
Pose : Everglow

What Little Girls Are Made Of

I saw someone on Flickr with a sweet cowboy hat. So immediately i had to find out where it was from. And got an idea for a photo from that and Miranda Lambert (See end of post).Well, it’s from Surf Co. and just recently put back out on sale. The Straw Cowboy Hat comes in a bunch of colours AND comes with a wheat straw to munch on while you’re waiting for that man of yours to come home. I also picked up the I’m A Little Bit Country plaid shirt cause….well, you can never have enough plaid. Yeehaw!

It took me two days to find a proper shotgun. And by proper, i mean one that wasn’t taller than me. After searching and searching, I found this Winchester 1887 Sawed Off Shotgun from Fairport.  Now, this is where I kinda feel bad. I had a picture in mind with a certain pose but it wasn’t working out. My SL crashed as well when I purchased this off the marketplace so I IM’d the creator and he sent it over ASAP. We talked for a bit as well, I told him my idea and he helped me out SO much (Sending me a pose and a non scripted version of the shotgun). A Really nice guy and I feel bad that I didn’t even use that pose!

Skin : Tuli – Claire in Sunkissed
Cowboy Hat : Surf Co. – Straw Cowboy Hat in Dune + Chewing Wheat
Hair : Truth – Danni in Champagne
Shirt : Surf Co. – I’m A Little Bit Country in Mossy Creek
Skirt : Berries Inc
Boots : Hoorenbeek – Cowboy Boots
Shotgun : Fairport – Winchester 1887 Sawed Off Shotgun

Pose : Everglow