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While I’m killin’ time, being lazy.

Don’t you just love those lazy days? The ones where you don’t really have to get dressed, you can just bum around all day? Well, Mon Tissu just came out with the new Oversized Shirt perfect for those leisurely days. I was hoping for more colour options but there are enough to make it hard to choose just one. I went with yellow because I’m on a colour kick lately. I’ve noticed most of my newish clothing is either pink or a bland colour like beige or grey so I need to add a little something something every once in a while. I’ve paired it up with Maitreya‘s Stefani pants ’cause come on, nothing says lazy like sweat pants.

lazy sunday


Throw Out A Line

Lately I haven’t wanted to take my own picture…which kind of makes it hard to do blog posts. So I figured why not show off these super cute It’s A Keeper Frames from Cheeky Pea. It’s a great design and perfect for the mancave or cottage! It’s available now at The Mens Dept.