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I totally meant to show this new Apple May Design outfit on Friday but I ended up heading out of town sooner than expected. So here it is, Janessa! AMD is really embracing mesh and Janessa is a two piece outfit, mesh top and mesh long skirt. There are also some new Moderno earrings that match this outfit perfectly so head to Apple May Designs to check it out!

Skin ♦ Glam Affair / Linn
Hair ♦ Truth / Aurora
OUtfit ♦ Apple May Designs / Janessa
Shoes ♦ SLink / Astrid
Pose ♦ Bounce This / On The Go


On June 4 2012 CHIC will be two years old. To celebrate there will be  a small venue based event…and it’s small..but GREAT! No lag walking for hours! Small in size but not quality because 150 of the best brands will have one new, exclusive item with the theme of CHIC (obviously, it’s to celebrate CHIC after all!) The event opens…..TOMORROW! Yup, June 3rd until the 24th is when you can celebrate by spending all your $L on great items.

Skin & Shape ♦ essences – Rowena
Hair ♦ Atro Patena – Juliet
Necklace ♦ MG – Lost Eden Pendant
Dress ♦ sys – XTens

Try me on!

On Plurk (did you know I have a plurk account?), Harlow Heslop mentioned a store called Town that has some cute mesh tops. I decided to head over and was a little bit disappointed because there’s no demos available! If a product is mesh, HAVE A DEMO OUT! Seriously. Would you go to a store in RL and just buy something without trying it on? No, you wouldn’t.

That being said though, against my better judgment, I did pick up the Mini Top Model 4. It’s cute…it’s got a resizer…but I doubt I’ll ever wear it again. The top is either HUGE to fit around my boobs, or goes into my back when it’s “normal” size and I even modified my shape to make my chest smaller. Maybe the other tops have a better fit but buy at your own risk.

Hair ♦ Wasabi Pills / Amandine
Sunglasses ♦ ShadZ / As Seen On Redtube
Bangles ♦ ohmarie
Top ♦ Town / Mini Top Model 4
Pose ♦ Bounce This

Have you noticed the lack of belts now that everyone is trending the mesh jeans from Maitreya or Mon Tissu or wherever? Well, I still love my belts and I especially love the new Squaring of the Circle from Scrub. The detail is just great and the metal ring in the back gives it some chicness. Definitely check out Scrub when you get the chance.

Hair ♦ Argrace / Military Cap
Body Camo ♦ Luck Inc.
Ring ♦ LEO-NT / Heart Ring
Top ♦ Insanya / StreetArmy
Belt ♦ Scrub / The Squaring of the Circle
Boots ♦ DRD / Loose Boots
Gun ♦ Epic Arsenal / M4 Carbine
Pose ♦ Bounce This & Purple Poses