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I think about you, I think about 17

Vintage Fair is coming up soon (like less than 7 days i think?) and the “who’s who” of designers are going to be showcased. Included in that group is Bent. Bent is offering 6 new and exclusive items (including the first male release – James Dean, part of the Era series).

In addition to the 6 pose packs, there are two props being sold. One of them is the Escher Inspired prop with 22 built-in poses. Yes, 22!

More information about this year’s Vintage Fair.

Or how we thought those days would never end

Unless you haven’t been on the internet the past couple of days, you know Hair Fair 2012 is going on. I’d say 98% of blogs (mostly female) have already posted a million posts about it, showing you every possible style. So, here’s some important points about the fair:

  • Two week event to raise money for the charity Wigs for Kids.
  • This year there are hundreds of NEW unseen before styles for you to enjoy
  • Each and every purchase donates a percentage

I walked all sims on the blogger preview day and only picked up 3 or so hairs. I think the one I love the most though, is ARGRACE.  I only have two other styles from ARGRACE, both sporting baseball caps, but that is what I adore about ARGRACE. They make the perfect hat styles. To be honest, I don’t even know if they make non-hat hairs. The new straw fedora style is awesome and perfect for summer. AND it’s mesh! Not only do you get 5 “regular” colours but three exclusive Hair Fair colours. Definitely a must by at the fair!

Have you noticed the lack of belts now that everyone is trending the mesh jeans from Maitreya or Mon Tissu or wherever? Well, I still love my belts and I especially love the new Squaring of the Circle from Scrub. The detail is just great and the metal ring in the back gives it some chicness. Definitely check out Scrub when you get the chance.

Hair ♦ Argrace / Military Cap
Body Camo ♦ Luck Inc.
Ring ♦ LEO-NT / Heart Ring
Top ♦ Insanya / StreetArmy
Belt ♦ Scrub / The Squaring of the Circle
Boots ♦ DRD / Loose Boots
Gun ♦ Epic Arsenal / M4 Carbine
Pose ♦ Bounce This & Purple Poses

PISTOL August 2009, Issue 180

He knew how cliché it was, but the moment he saw her, he felt it. She was the one. The one he could take home to Mama. She was new in town, ain’t no one like that ever turn this many heads at the Shoot N Boot. He had to meet her…just had to figure out how.

She felt his eyes on her the whole time. Her hands wrapped tight around that Desert Eagle as she fired off the round after round. She sauntered back to main office, swinging her hips, not even throwing a glance his way. As she returned her range kit, she felt him lingering behind her, “Here it comes, this is going to be good” she thought. She turned to face him, his eyes quickly darting from her pert bottom to her face, not quickly enough though. A coy smirk spread across his oh-so-kissable lips, knowing he had been caught, “Name’s Rémy and I want to shoot you”.  Trixie will always remember how she stood there…half in shock, half wanting to push him against the wall and take him right there.

Hook, line and sinker. Rémy knew she was his, especially since she hadn’t kicked him where it hurts yet. As she silently stood there, gazing at him, he went on to explain he was the new up-and-coming photographer for PISTOL and he wanted her as the cover girl. They spent the next few weeks together, their relationship blossoming. By the time the August issue of PISTOL hit the shelves, they were inseparable. Good thing, because now he’d have every red-blooded male in America after her.

Hair ♦ Argrace
Glasses ♦ Kalnins
Breast Tape ♦ League
Panties ♦ Bishes Inc
Shoes ♦ SLink
Poses ♦ Bounce This Poses