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N-Core’s Lulu

N-Core has a new group gift out! Like me, you might be thinking, “Oh, another pair of Coquette‘s.” But no! It’s a new mesh shoe called Lulu! I’ve always liked the shoes from N-Core but the foot shape always seemed……off. These Lulu‘s have a normal foot shape though! Isn’t that exciting!


N-Core has a “click & match” system which I believe is similar to Gos but sadly, these don’t have that feature. You gotta use that old annoying RGB HUD. These are still really cute shoes and they are FREE! The N-Core group is free to join so really, what are you waiting for?


**UPDATE** I’ve been informed by N-Core creator Nuria Augapfel that these shoes are actually “sculpted (not mesh^^) actually they are not new, they were released about a year ago in other 4 single colors. …that all (i mean all) the shoes from the store have exactly the same sculpted feet (excluding the new mesh line of shoes and the new mesh feet^^).”


Putting My Best Face Forward

So for once I had set out this plan to “blog with the big girls/boys” concerning Skin Fair 2013 coverage. I had my favourite skins I wanted to show you…but then RL happened and SL was hating me hardcore for just being logged in. So, as you probably know Skin Fair 2013 is under way and let me tell you, it is really good this year! Not just the new skins but the sims themselves! I went today to grab Zara, the new Glam Affair skin for the event and there was NO lag. I was even on ULTRA (!!) graphics, tons of people there and zero lag. Congratulations to the organizers and builders who designed this (other event should take notice, just saying). Now on to the pretty pictures.

Let me start by saying how funny I think it is that when LOGO came out with their Hybrid Mesh Avatar, Chloe, almost everyone was up in arms about “losing their face” and their “originality”. Some people got over it eventually and embraced it. Now enter Snow Rabbit‘s Nea (which everyone loves, no talk about losing their face and whatnot). I was all for Chloe so naturally I wanted needed Nea. Creator Shirousagi Noel was amazingly generous enough to send me a copy and I haven’t taken it off since getting it.  You probably know by now how “great” I am about writing reviews so I’ll save you the pain. Like usual, Juicybomb has a detailed review, so does So Hawt SL. I’m sure there are bunch more great reviews out there, so have fun reading!

s@r_nea(Beside the adjustment in tone and contrast, there is NO EDITING in any pictures in this post.)

usmile_closeNea is a younger face compared to LOGO‘s Chloe and Sadie, and much more lifelike. There’s only a few issues I have with Nea. For the life of me, I can’t figure out the eyes. Looking at everyone’s pictures and blog posts, I find I have crazy eyes (hence why the eyes are closed in both pictures). Besides that, the head itself is simply amazing.

I also kinda of went a little crazy and took about 40 pictures last night and figured I might as well show you the new Gos Lolita Espadrille. They are an update to mesh of the original but awesome-r and have the new Colour+ System. If I understand correctly, Colour+ means if you buy the same shoes in different colours, you won’t have to change the actual shoe to wear different colours. You’ll have the ability to mix and match. They are now available at The Boutique by TLC until April 10th, along with an exclusive Cherry Blossom style that I had to get because they are so pretty! FYI – These are only 495L, whether that will be the price in the mainstore after I’m not sure. So get them now while you can!


Learning to Walk Again

Have you heard of LaRoo yet? It’s a new mesh only shoe store from CrashOV Uladstron and Cracked Mirror. Their newest release, unisex folded hi-tops, are available at this round of faMESHed. Pretty much everything on the shoe is customizable via the easy to use ‘mix n match’ HUD. They fit great and I have been waiting so patiently for a pair of these to be released from someone. These are definite must have if you loved your PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops from UBU.


Colour Me Sequined!

Seriously guys, DECO did it again. I’m so in love with DECO‘s boots and the new MESH Sequined Heels do not disappoint! These shoes look just as amazing in-world as the vendor ad! 8 colours to choose from (obviously I had to get the bubblegum pink), 300$L a pair and great shoes for every day! (Just in time for Halloween for anyone wanting to pull off Dorothy from Wizard Of Oz, the red ones are razzmatazz!) The picture below is shown in two different windlight settings (one kinda dark, the other kinda brighter), just to show how the sequin texture looks.

If 300$L is a bit out of your price range and you aren’t picky about colour, this next Friday the silver pair will be 50$L for Fifty Linden Friday. So expect the DECO store to be crazy busy and laggy!

Fighting Evil By Moonlight…

Come on, admit it! You know you were thinking about Sailor Moon as soon as you saw the new Sailor blouse and skirt from R2 fashion at this month’s edition of Collabor88. It’s the first thing I thought of! There are 5 different colours available but the best part is that it’s not an outfit. The blouse and skirt are sold separately (88$L each) so you can mix and match!

Don’t think is this a cute, innocent sailor top either. It’s backless! I was SHOCKED! Well, not shocked but I didn’t expect to cam around the back and have no coverage.

ISON has these kippen wedge boots for 188$L. Available in a bunch of colours, the wedge is colour changeable as well as the laces and eyelets. I picked up the white pair but chances are I will be back to get some other colours because these are pretty awesome looking wedges.