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Sugar, sugar

Pose Fair is open! Ok, yeah it’s been open for a while but you know me…I don’t really blog poses. AND IT CLOSES TOMORROW! I’m really good right? lol.  I didn’t pick up much except the Whimsy pose pack from aDORKable poses and this cuuuuuute Honeybuns couple pose from D. Luxx. So go now! NOW! Cause it’s closing tomorrow and if you miss it, you’ll have to wait until it’s the main store (probably).



Holding him down and pulling off his wings

Blond and blue, troubled and misused
Living without you, my heart is yours
Nothing lasts forever, we’ll always be together
But nothing lasts forever, my heart is yours


HISposé has this amazing new set out called, HISwings. A great set of poses for your inner angel, whether you be good or bad! It comes with mesh wings designed for each pose in either black or white. Grab yours now either on the marketplace or one of the two in-world locations! (which I’ll post soon because I wasn’t thinking and closed SL before copying the SURLs)

A Flower Cannot Blossom Without Sunshine

The Boutique is a bi-monthly event sponsored by The Liaison Collaborative that brings together a wonderful group of designers in specially themed vignettes. There’s stuff for males and females (although, as usual more for females. Just a fair warning).  One of the gorgeous items available for men is a pose from HISposé aptly named HISblossom which will be available until April 10th (although probably available in store and on the MP after). If you didn’t already know, HISposé is a awesome pose store made by a man (the talented Sixx Yangtz) for men….but sometimes females use them too. Because we can never have enough stuff, amiright?


Hill Valley, California, at 4:29 pm, on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Cinema is still going strong and one place you HAVE to stop at is expression. There are 6 (!!!) pose/props available. Every one is amazing and there’s a good variety from Professional (à la Hitman) to Star Wars inspired to this sweet McFly pose set. It’s 7 poses, provided in single poses and built in to the Hoverboard. The board itself comes in 3 colours and is provided in a “empty” model prop as well. The poses are great and the board looks amazing and come on, who didn’t want to be Marty McFly and have a hoverboard??

MyAnimation – October Group Gift

It’s the start of the month so I’d think by now you would know what that means. A new MyAnimation group gift! This month’s exclusive group gift is a 20 second long dance animation which I do have a small problem with. It’s not a continuous loop. It’s the 20 seconds, then an awkward stand before going back into the dance. I’m kind of disappointed by this because it ALMOST makes it unusable.