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Oh my Tee*fy!

Tee*fy released the super cute Skyla Ruffle Sleeve Tank which is perfect for the upcoming summer season! And it goes great with their Lovisa Ruffle Mini Skirt that is now available at Collabor88. Erratic also just released some great mesh owl bracelets. They come in 4 “metals” (gold, silver, bronze and pinkgold). Owls are so trendy right now so you know, go be trendy!



Kitsch Me, Baby.

To be honest, I didn’t know Collabor88 had themes. But looking back at previous rounds, I guess that makes sense. This theme for this round is kitsch. You probably don’t know what that is. Most people don’t. Basically, it’s ugly knick-knacks that your gam-gam has around her house from the 50’s. I think anyway…. But back to C88, whether it’s kitsch or not, it’s kinda filled with floral prints and bright pastel colours. And awesomeness. Like EVERYTHING TEE*FY HAS OUT. The Chloe Slouchy Booties, Lovisa Ruffle Mini Skirt, and Rachel Ruffle Sweater come in a variety of colours and prints (aforementioned floral included). Maxi Gossamer is also getting in the kitsch mood with three new necklace sets, Juicy Lips rings, and bangles. I had to pick up the Robot Dream Ride set which includes a cute robot and a penny-farthing, both of which can be wore together or separate. Floorplan has some kitschy furniture out as well, including these Kitsch Wall Plates. I especially love the flamingo one and the DMX lyrics. So…kitschy.


Minty Fresh

Decoy has this awesome Olivia blouse out at Collabor88. It’s available in 4 perfect spring colours (and I hope more will be available in the mainstore once C88 is over!) For 188L each, you get two versions, a “plain”…cotton? and a lace version. I loooooove the lace. You can’t really see it on the picture so I took a close up for you cause it’s just so pretty! Also from Decoy, the un/rigged mesh Izel Scarf. So cute! For 88L you get two rigged mesh versions (one is sheer) and an unrigged version. I also grabbed the Scalloped Shorts from Fashionably Dead which are sooooo well done and perfect to get you in the summer mood. The new round of Collabor88 starts on the 8th of each month so you still have time to go grab some awesome stuff!


Fighting Evil By Moonlight…

Come on, admit it! You know you were thinking about Sailor Moon as soon as you saw the new Sailor blouse and skirt from R2 fashion at this month’s edition of Collabor88. It’s the first thing I thought of! There are 5 different colours available but the best part is that it’s not an outfit. The blouse and skirt are sold separately (88$L each) so you can mix and match!

Don’t think is this a cute, innocent sailor top either. It’s backless! I was SHOCKED! Well, not shocked but I didn’t expect to cam around the back and have no coverage.

ISON has these kippen wedge boots for 188$L. Available in a bunch of colours, the wedge is colour changeable as well as the laces and eyelets. I picked up the white pair but chances are I will be back to get some other colours because these are pretty awesome looking wedges.