Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

I know you like this dirty pop

I’m going to be completely honest with you, I had absolutely no plan to come back to blogging. But then I bought the Morning Tank from DRIFT. This has to be one of my most favourite mesh purchases ever. For one low price of 235L, you get 15 colours (10 solids, 5 striped) all in a convenient texture change HUD. For 10L less, there is a “Retro Striped” pack with 10 different textures, again in a HUD format. A special Argyle 3 pack is available today (Sun Feb 24) for 75L as part of Lazy Sunday. I don’t really know about the technically aspect of SL, so I don’t know how hard this is to do, or if it creates more lag or what but this texture change HUD thing is genius. It’s much easier to have one shirt (in each size) and a HUD in an inventory folder versus one shirt (in each size) x 15 different colours in a folder (that’s like a ton of items!)

=Kokane= also just released their new unisex Hanged Jeans/Pant. These fit great on both men and women, and feature texture changing suspenders. For 100L, it’s a great buy (and especially useful if you have a MALT or FALT!)

One more thing before I go, W. Winx  has two new prop boxes available at this session of My Attic @ The Deck. The theme this time around is Pop Music. To me, one box is more 90/2000’s pop and the other has more of an 80’s feel. Both contain built-in poses and the ability to change the colour of…pretty much everything in the box. All items at My Attic are 95L (including these amazing prop boxes), and only until 28th of February, so do not miss out!



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