Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Original vs. Shopped

Who knew people used Flickr mail…especially to hate on people. A few days ago, I posted about Argrace’s Equestrian Cap. Apparently the photo in that post is a “blatant lie and false advertising.” Right now, you’re probably like “Huh? What is she going on about?” Well, in the About section, I have this short line: “Photoshop is used to touch up jagged body parts or texture glitches, basically what you see is what you’ll see in-world. For the most part.”  Now maybe I SHOULD update that to something different but for the most part, it is very true. But I got some Flickr mail “accusing” me of lying. Now, I don’t excessively photoshop my photos. I don’t have the talent for that. The photo in question, all I did there was fix those stupid grid lines that SL produces with higher resolution snapshots, adjusted the tone and contrast, and added a faint lens flare to simulate the sun. That is all. No product was altered.  (Click on the photo to enlarge and see the different between the Original & Edited)


Good windlights and shadows will do wonders! Other photos, especially ones that include hats without hair, is usually a combination of a multiple snapshots (hat with hair + hair without hair) then some masking to create the look of the perfect fit. MAYBE that is “false advertising” but really? There are way more Photoshopped photos out there than mine, so please calm down.

Oh, and thanks for thinking most of my raw snapshots are photoshopped! That’s like a compliment right?


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