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In My Skin

Because of LAQ’s new skin release, I mentioned in my previous post that I was changing skins…or debating it anyway. That got me thinking about how often people actually do change skins. As a blogger, I suppose that I should be always wearing the newest skin releases but I hardly ever do. I rarely buy a new skin unless I’m desperately in love with it. It also got me wondering if most bloggers have a “blog look” and a “everyday look”. If they do, what’s different? Pretty much everything I wear is what I’m wearing for the rest of the SL day. I know there are some bloggers who buy a skin just for blogging and once done taking pictures, change into another. Maybe if I had the money for it, I might do that but I don’t.

While I’m still debating about switching to LAQ’s old Vilda skin, I figured I’d show the three other skins that I’ve worn the longest (minus Tuli’s Claire because I think I accidentally deleted it 😦 ).


2 responses to “In My Skin

  1. Ohna November 5 2012 at 6:21 pm

    In the end, it is always your blog, your rules. Some people do change their skins often, but I’m with you, that isn’t something that I can do either because of the price of skins. For me, I’ll be honest and say that I like to try out skins for a while but I always go back to the one that feels most like me. If the tone of a skin works better with a certain color though, I would change skins for that post, and then go back to my usual skin after the post is published. lol.

    I also like all skins here on you as well, and aw, I did the same with a skin too. Oh well. lol

  2. Sasy Scarborough November 6 2012 at 9:06 am

    “as a blogger” you do and wear what you want to do and wear. There is no rule anywhere that says that a blogger has to be wearing the most recent release. One of the biggest compliments a skin maker can get, is when a blogger does stay in their skin, does make it their own – it is why when asked, I always suggest skin makers send all skins in tones and make ups, because it could become a full time skin for a blogger, and that is a win win. I too, like the ability to mix it up tones for a look, or just change it up in general, as it gives us a chance to revisit a skin, and may bring that skin attention by someone new to the blog, or even second life…I always say everything old is new to someone.
    Wear the skin you feel more you in, I often stay in the one I just did a post on, but more often than not return to the one that is me day in and day out, don’t feel like you are doing anything non blogger like 🙂 Also if it is a case of just wanting a skin to be seen by your readers because it is a skin you really like, then blog the demos, many of us have done that in the past. If you feel it is something you ‘would buy’ if you could, then you should still share that feeling with those that look to you for opinions, something you point out about a skin could be the reason someone presses PAY.


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