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Raid Your Closet – Post Two

Remember I talked about the Raid Your Closet Challenge? And it’s supposed to be done every Monday in October? And I missed the first Monday? And I didn’t have a computer last Monday…but I do today! To be honest, this challenge is really hard. I’m not sure why…maybe it’s because I’m so partial to mesh now that system layers and prim parts annoy me? I did spend time on this Monday’s outfit…then changed my mind and went with Twisted & Spoiled‘s Renegade outfit.  I remember the day I was brought to Twisted & Spoiled. I was in such shock. Amazing COMPLETE outfits (I mean COMPLETE like jewellery and shoes were included!) for low prices. The best part was most of it was exactly my style. I still own a fair amount of T&S outfits that will always be in my inventory.

Outfit : Twisted & Spoiled – Renegade (Acquired  2010)
Body Tattoo : Luck Inc – CamoBody (Acquired 2011)
Necklace : Sorry.Asia – See My Light (Acquired 2011)
Mask : Rublik – Nocturne Sleek Breather (Acquired 2011)
Gun/Holster : Epic Arsenal – Px4 Storm ~MESH~ Holster (Acquired early 2012)
Hair : [Shag] – Your Wish (Acquired early 2012)


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