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Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Keep Me In EXILE

The day I had to bring my laptop in for repairs was the same day that Exile released two new hairs. How sad was I seeing it all over plurk and flickr. So while Catch My Breath has been out for a week, I’m still going to show it off because it was the first thing I bought when I got my laptop back. Seriously. I TP’d to the store from login. THAT’S how much I love Exile. No joke. My all time favourite hair creator and Catch My Breath doesn’t disappoint. I find it’s reminiscent of Lucia (a TDRB style) but updated to mesh which is always a good thing.

I also snatched up whatever‘s new yellow dot corset for 55L at this session of Fi*Fridays. There are 4 designs available and I don’t know if it’s the same for all mesh corsets but the fitting for the chest is a little….off. It’s still very wearable but I did adjust my boob size to make it look kinda normal.

You know what makes up for not being able to buy Catch My Breath when it came out? THREE group gifts from Exile! Rayanne, Violetta, and Betty Lou, which were released previously in a TDRB exclusive colour pack are not just given like that…but given in an ALL COLOURS pack. That’s like….a ton of hair choices. The All Colours pack also includes the new Natural Fusion colourings, in case you were wondering.

Rayanne in Fairytale | Violetta in Mermaid

Betty Lou in Hollywood


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