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Raid My Closet Challenge – Post One

Last year there was this Flickr challenge called Raid Your Closet. The gist of it is that you can’t buy ANYTHING new for these pics, just using items already purchased in your inventory. You have to wear something different for each look. You can have “exceptions” like the same skin or shape, etc. They just have to be stated on the first post like this one. My “basics” are going to stay the same (shape, skin, eyes, lashes). This is a five post challenge, every Monday for the month of Octobe (Yes I know I missed the first Monday) so here is my first Raid Your Closet post.

This outfit is comprised of my favourites, like the Pause hair from Analog Dog, the cross from -tb- and the low rise faded jeans from that were a FLF special. And the boots! Oh My Gah! Remember when they were THE thing to have? Ok, maybe you don’t but I do! Everyone and their mother had these boots from DRD and wore them all the time, no matter the outfit. They are still one of my favourite pair of boot and I kind of hope they will come out in mesh one day.

The plaid shirt/sweater combo is from COCO. I believe it was a free gift, one that I’ve never worn. Honest. It’s been sitting in my inventory, unused since the day I got it. Chances are this will be the only time I wear it as well because, well, you know how prim clothing is. All stiff and doesn’t move with you like mesh does. Although it makes for great layering with an Everyday Tank from BOOM.

If you have flickr or plurk or a blog, check out SL Blogger Support for all the details.


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