Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Not Gonna Write You a Love Song Today

I did something I thought I would never do. I bought something because it’s the trending thing right now. Ombre hair colouring, which has been trending for about 6 years now, is apparently still going strong…or just hitting the SL market now. I’m not a big fan of ombre BUT Exile is one of my favourite hair brands and since a few of the new demos are offered in the “Natural Fusion” colouring, I decided to pick up my last two Exile purchases in this style. I have to admit, some of them aren’t too bad but there’s 3 or 4 that I don’t like.

I’m also back on the coldLogic trend…if you’d classify it as that. Many coldLogic products are hit&miss for me, generally not my style. I ended up at the store today and bought a couple of the new ‘fall’ sweaters. Again, not really my style but I’m going to try some new looks this fall (maybe). The Cook & Shereda tops really are perfect for the fall and have a preppy, business casual look to them which makes it a versatile shirt to have.

Since we are/were on the topic of hair, I HAVE to mention Truth’s new group gift Sam. It’s a non-rigged mesh, short style that (I hate to say) kind of reminds me of Rhianna. Despite that, I love this hair something fierce. Like all group gifts, group members get the fatpack which means EVERY colour pack available for you, for freeeeeee.


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