Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.


There seems to be many many many new hairs out on the market and I can’t keep up! I heard there was a new pigtail style at Ploom, so obviously I had to go see because as we all know, I love my pigtails. Twiddle is one of the newest mesh releases from Ploom and it’s such a great look. To me it looks like Twila and Marcia (from Truth) put together. Which is totally fine with me because I love those two hairs. There are a TON of colour options available for only 200L, including “dipped” and an “undecided” pack for 250L.

I also picked up these new Sportpants from Mayway. Yes, they are mens but too bad. For a low price (under 200L), you get a great pair of mesh pants that are available in a few “basic” colours and a camo pair, that I will probably go back and pick up unless someone makes these in womens. And since I’m wearing mens pants, I couldn’t resist drinking HISbeer and listening to some Eric Chruch “…when you hear Born In The USA, do you relive those glory days so long ago…

Accessories ♦ MANDALA – Hokusai Bracelet ♦ Scrub – Death in my belly Piercing Mesh ♦ HISpose – HISbeer bottles
Sweats ♦ MAYWAY – Sportpants    Hair ♦ .ploom. – Twiddle     Shoes ♦ DECO – Classic Sneaks
Tops ♦ JinXtimacy – SAILOR Bikini ♦ [whatever] –  souldershirt


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