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Hard Night

I want to apologize to April Looming, creator/designer of Wild Style Fashions. She so graciously provided me with her new Backless Mesh Dress to ‘review’ and I meant to blog it earlier in the day, not at 10pm. So hopefully she can forgive me.

Now on the to the dress. The new Backless Mesh Dress is not standard sizing. So it might not be the perfect fit, like in my case. The front/top fit pretty well (I’m around a standard size small) but the back (butt) was pretty big (usually a standard size small or xsmall). The dress is “designed with a loose fit to minimize avatar skin poking through” (as per the notecard); but “glitch layers” are provided in case any bits do poke through. These are actual glitch layers, NOT alpha layers. If none seem to fit though, for a small fee, April will create a custom dress for your shape. Overall, it’s a great dress from a great designer and worth taking a look at!



One response to “Hard Night

  1. aprillooming September 7 2012 at 3:56 pm

    I decided to add a “last resort alpha” in case the glitch layers and sizing isn’t workable witout it… and another size to fit tighter on standard sizes XXS and XS 🙂

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