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Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

It’s Always the Right Time

A few weeks ago, I asked Bouncer (Criss of Bounce This Poses) if he planned on making any more gun poses because really, that’s the only thing he does well (kidding!). I was very happy when he said he was making this Femme Fatal set for this round of Fluid. The four pose set is perfect for when you need to be all badass and deadly….and look incredibly sexy at the same time. Bounce This Poses also has a two person “take down” pose available. So check it out! It even works for chasing away creepers who lurk in the shadows. Because really, only creepers go to beaches fully dressed and lurk in the shadows of the palm trees.

Something I didn’t know: G Field makes clothing. Seriously. I thought G Field only did shoes. In the August session of faMESHed, in 4 super cute colours, G Field released this super amazing mesh Frill bikini. Currently only available at FaMESH but more colors will coming soon to the store. It comes in rigged standard sizing as well as an unrigged version so you can resize it to get the perfect fit!


One response to “It’s Always the Right Time

  1. Mister Klaber August 2 2012 at 12:20 pm

    Well, you know, sometimes people like to stay out of the sun and in the shade under the shadows of the Palm Trees! That summer sun is hot. HYPOTHETICALLY speaking, IF I were to be on that beach, I’d protect myself from the exposure of harmful UV light by dressing smart and covering up. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

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