Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Seraphim Birthday Hunt

Seraphim, my “go-to” blog to see what items are at events because I don’t want to actually go to the event, it turning one-year old on July 19th. And how to celebrate? Why, with a hunt of course! In partnership with Fashioncentric, 50 designers will participate with  exclusive items with a value of 250L or more. The hunt isn’t a freebie but will only cost you 10L each! One of the brands included in the hunt is BENT. For 10L, you get the amazing Inspire Shadow Box set. Made for beautiful shadow photography, it has 11 built-in poses and is a steal for 10L! So mark it on your calendar and be sure to go hunting for Seraphim’s First Birthday!

On a side note: I’m gone for the next week so no more posts until the 16th! Please check out the Resources for a list of amazing blogs that will satisfy your needs!

Hair ♦ Exile / Groove Theory
Top ♦ Tee*fy / Mini Corset
Pants ♦ JP:dsg / Sweat Pants


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