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Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

When We Make Our Own Memories

I have so many new things to tell you about and I’ve been meaning to do it sooner but I keep getting distracted by someone but I’m taking the time to do it now! So I’ll start with the hair, Memoir…it’s one of three new releases from Elikatira, who hasn’t really been putting out new items lately so it’s great to see awesome new stuff! To coincide with the fabulous new hairs, Frooti came out with two pose packs that compliment Memoir and Never. Isn’t it great when pose makers take the time to actually put some thought into what they are making? There are so many pose designers it seems now, a very over saturated market with almost all the same poses, like this store (that won’t be named) just released two new pose packs and I’m fairly certain I own or have seen the same poses already but I suppose there’s only so many ways a girl can lie on the ground or be on her knees and look sexy.

You all know that ShadZ is like, my all time favourite sunglasses store in SL right? Well, Enzo might have a little bit of competition now. JP:dsg just released three new shades, Flyboy & two versions of Tiger. Both are mesh and very customizable. I have to admit though, shutter shades are so corny but these Tiger ones, I definitely love. And I thought they went pretty well with the new Maestro FC Halter Mesh Dress from Echo, one of 5 new mesh releases. I’ve talked about Echo before and I really am so impressed with this store. Not only is it great quality items, it’s CRAZY inexpensive, like 150L for this MESH dress! I know!

Last but not least, Pink Fuel. When I started to get fashionable, Pink Fuel was one of my first “expensive” skins and I never took it off. There hasn’t been much activity from PF but it’s back with three new skins exclusively at Culture Shock. This PERSONA line includes Jersey, which is obviously inspired by Jersey Shore (yes, it even comes with a duck lip version!).  For 150L you get three versions of the skin (regular, duck lip and teeth) which is obviously a great bang for your buck.  If you are wondering if it’s very orange-y (à la Snooki), I can tell you like most things, it all depends on your windlight settings. Some windlights, looking like an oompa loopma, others looking like a normal person. The other two skins in the PERSONA line are quite stunning as well, so head to Culture Shock and take a gander.

Skin ♦ Pink Fuel / Persona – Jersey
Hair ♦ elikatira / memoir
shades ♦ JP:dsg / Tiger 02
Dress ♦ Echo / Maestro FC Mesh Halter Dress
Pose ♦ Frooti


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