Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Drunk on Summer and Sunshine

Ever heard of Fashion Cache? Me neither. Until a few days ago that is! It’s another one of those monthly / weekly / bi-weekly / weekend / daily / minute events that are popping up all over the place. Everything that is released for Fashion Cache is 100L (or less?) including these slutty sexy Cropped Throwback Tee from Aura. Obviously, showing a whole lotta underboob is sooooooo passé (giggle giggle). There are 3 designs in three colours. After Fashion Cache, they will be available in the mainstore for 200L so snatch ’em up now for a discounted price while you can.

The other day I was searching the Marketplace for mesh boots because one can never have enough. I WAS looking for sultry knee / thigh high boots but instead came across Dirty Lynx’s Baggers. Dirty Lynx is one of those stores that is not well known but has such amazing products. These Baggers are available in a variety of textures, come with optional “thermal wool” like socks and there are male and female versions (although SOMEONE who, just because she is incredibly cute, amazing, and thinks she can call me tiny said they look like big old man boots on me).

Maci of Little Miss Cupcake Fashion
Top ♦ Aura / Cropped Throw Back Top
Shorts ♦ Baistice / Ferya Mesh Bermuda
Skin ♦ Glam Affair / Leah
Shoes ♦ Useful Things / Mesh Flats
Glasses ♦ Izzie’s Oversized Sunglasses (mesh)
Hair ♦ Burley / Izzy
Pose ♦ exposeur

Me of Next Pointless Trend
Hair ♦ elikatira / Other
Sunglasses ♦ Kalnins / Submariner
Top ♦ Aura / Throw Back Cropped Top
Bra ♦ CandyDoll / Lazy Bra
Jeans ♦ Luck Inc / Tyra Jeans
Boots ♦ Dirty Lynx / Baggers


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