Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

We Like Fast Men and Cheap Guitars

She’s on the highest dose of Prozac a woman can take,
She’s likes to pop her pain pills with every little ache,
She’s got a Tennessee mountain point of view,
If your gonna have one might as well have two

Raised up right in the hills of Kentucky,
No she ain’t gonna smile ’til she lights up her lucky,
No filter on her mouth or her cigarettes
Oh baby what your lookin’ at is what you get

She’s a root tootin’ pistol from the lone star state
She’s mixes up a double at the break of everyday
She might get crazy but she don’t get mean
Until some drunk cowboy asks her to sing

We owe 400 dollars to the boys in the band
Gas lights blinking on our broke down van
We’re living on truck stop burgers and fries
Crossing our fingers for a vacancy sign
Now who in the hell is gonna be pay these bills
When one’s drinking, one’s smoking, one’s taking pills

I did a previous post with MandyLeigh of That Girl MandyLeigh and Eve of…Eve that was inspired by the song Takin’ Pills by Pistol Annies. BUT because I’m a ‘tard sometimes, I totally did everything wrong. So I kidnapped these fabulous ladies again and did a proper picture. Much better I think. And yes, this was just an excuse to get some of my photography idols together. But shhhhh.


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