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Country Boys and Girls Getting Down on The Farm

I think the “it” items of the week are both from Aura. And both mesh. And both ridiculously sexy. No doubt that you’ve seen half the female SL population walking around in Aura‘s Stumblebum item, the rigged mesh Boho Ruffle Top…which boho? Really? Boho wasn’t the first style/culture that came to mind, I thought country right away but I guess Country Ruffle Top doesn’t have the same appeal. Aaaaaaaaaaand most are probably wearing Aura‘s mesh Class Act Jeans which is available at faMESHed. But if you don’t want to go to there, you can get a FREE pair of the Class Act Jeans as part of the YOLO hunt which just started today and runs till the 15th. There are 22 great stores involved in the YOLO hunt and the price of hunt items range from 0L to 150L based upon the creator and designers choice. All items are new OR an item already available in an exclusive color or design. Glitterati is participating and offering the group pose, Cargo, for FREE. It’s such a cute pose and I’m glad I could grab Maci Restless from Lil Miss Fashion Cupcake and Bouncer Criss from Pixel Phasion 4 Men to country it up and have some fun with me for a bit!


One response to “Country Boys and Girls Getting Down on The Farm

  1. Bartholomew Gallacher May 2 2012 at 3:06 am

    Old McDonald had a farm, ee i ee i ooo.

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