Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Diddydum Diddydee

So I thought I’d do that blogger challenge that has been going around…you know that one…go to a store you’ve never heard of, spend some $L and give them exposure? Yeah, that one. Well, I kind of started doing that…but ended up only getting these mesh Gio high-tops from Toki-Doki (to be honest, not a fan of SL stores using RL brand names but that’s besides the point). I tried a few other things, like the awesome mesh rolled chinos and artisan shorts but the sizing is all funky so I passed on them.  So there, go check out Toki-Doki cause they got some neat stuff and whatnot.

After Toki-Doki, I headed to [ JP ]:dsg to pick up the new Dissident hoodie. Let me tell you now, if you aren’t good at picking one item…don’t go. There are a TON of colours and designs to choose from and if you don’t have the money to buy them all, it might be really hard for you to pick just one. Seriously. And this hoodie is totally worth it! There’s a bunch of stuff you can change, like the colour of fabric inside the hoodie, the walkman, the headphones, and more. Plus you can choose between a plain sweater or the graphic that you bought. It’s a tad expensive but like i said, worth it.

Hair ♦ Exile / Rae
Hoodie ♦ [ JP ]:dsg / Dissident
Leggings ♦ Maitreya / Mesh Leggings
Shoes ♦ Toki-Doki / Gio high-tops
Skateboard ♦ yoyo9 / Newbie Skateboard
Pose ♦ Bent


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