Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Try me on!

On Plurk (did you know I have a plurk account?), Harlow Heslop mentioned a store called Town that has some cute mesh tops. I decided to head over and was a little bit disappointed because there’s no demos available! If a product is mesh, HAVE A DEMO OUT! Seriously. Would you go to a store in RL and just buy something without trying it on? No, you wouldn’t.

That being said though, against my better judgment, I did pick up the Mini Top Model 4. It’s cute…it’s got a resizer…but I doubt I’ll ever wear it again. The top is either HUGE to fit around my boobs, or goes into my back when it’s “normal” size and I even modified my shape to make my chest smaller. Maybe the other tops have a better fit but buy at your own risk.

Hair ♦ Wasabi Pills / Amandine
Sunglasses ♦ ShadZ / As Seen On Redtube
Bangles ♦ ohmarie
Top ♦ Town / Mini Top Model 4
Pose ♦ Bounce This


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