Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Go on and vogue.

*flails arms around* POSE FAIR 2012!  (That’s how we are supposed to react right?) Clearly, you should know that Pose Fair 2012 has opened for business. All these pose makers ready to take your hard earned money. I, myself, have not been yet because I would assume it will be lag-alicious there for a few days and since this is a two-week event, I’ll just patiently wait. HOWEVER, because I’m so good at begging (joking…or am i?), the amazing Willis of Frooti sent me three pose packs; Biscuit, Vendorlicious, and Wizzlit. There is a great selection of static poses for all your needs, including Vendorlicious which (as the name would suggest) are great for vendor ads or bloggers because there is VERY minimal distortion. So don’t forget to check out Frooti @ the fair!

(more poses in actual packs, these are just samples)

While on the topic of Pose Fair, I just have to mention Evolve as well, since I am in the vendor ads for the super neat flash.mob group pose. And I’m a bit shallow like that. So go! Buy! Love!

Hair ♦ Exile / Satisfaction
Tank ♦ coldLogic / weiss
Skirt ♦ coldLogic / smith
Boots ♦ FIR & MNA


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