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Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

It’s ain’t easy being green

So the other day (April 11) was Day of Pink, today, I felt like being greeny…mostly because the MadWorld Sim went into quarantine (meaning all green items are 50% for 24 hours) You know what store is included in that? Suicidal Unborn. Yup. Loves it. So pretty much that’s why I came up with the green outfit.

Also, I made it one of my SL goals to have like, something in made and/or named after me. I happen to be friends with know Bouncer Criss of Bounce This Poses, Pixel Phasion 4 Men, Ambrosia DJ, Plurk gif porn fame. (Does he even need a last name any more?) and he has awesomely made a Jolene pose pack that may or may not be available for the Pose Fair. Pretty wicked right? I know you waaaaaaaaaaaant it. Maybe if it sells lots and lots and he makes a boatload of money, he’ll make a second pack!

Hair ♦ Analog Dog / Pause
Top ♦ Suicidal Unborn / Cropped Hoodie
Undies ♦ Suicidal Unborn / Zebra Panties
Socks ♦ erratic / Striped Socks
Shoes ♦ N-Core / Coquette platform
Pose ♦ Bounce This


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