Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Your favorite records make me feel better

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter and spent a good amount of time away from the internet!

*BOOM* released some cute new bra and panty sets, aptly named Comfy Womfy. It’s available in 36 different colours and in colour packs. Did I mention it’s a strapless bra? Cause I think that’s the best part (I usually edit out straps from bras in photos).  Truth also has two new rigged mesh styles out aaaaaaaaaaaand a NEW GROUP GIFT! Yay! Bunny, is not mesh, so if you haven’t made the transition to mesh yet there is still awesome hair for you…but get with the times, seriously. (Joking!) Did I also mention that the group gift is the “Buy All” pack? I know, right! Go. Now. I’ll wait.

Hair ♦ Truth / Bunny
Necklaces ♦ Maxi Gossamer / Pearls (mesh)
Bra ♦ BOOM / Comfy Womfy
Pose ♦ Glitterati


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