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The boys get lonely after you leave

Man, what a busy weekend I had! I did manage to snap a few pics but never got around to blogging them…and I’m still not blogging them! Seriously, I have like two – three pictures just waiting to be posted but I wanted to show the new Dee rigged mesh hair from Truth, which I think is totes adorbs and like, very valley girl. I decided to show you a photo with Lighting and Shadows turned off because there’s a funky glitch with mesh hair where the alpha doesn’t show up properly. Since I getting my new laptop, I’m always with the shadows, I decided to “go back to my roots” and do a shadowless photo for yous guys.

This chelsea dress from celoe is just too cute! We all know how much I love my only other celoe product, the Ano tube top, well this dress is right up there with it. Which is saying alot because it’s a DRESS! I admire dresses on other people but I don’t *do* dresses. This champagne colour is a free group gift right now so if you aren’t part of the celoe group, I suggest heading to the newly open Mayfair sim to join up and spend your monies!

Hair ♦ Truth – Dee
Dress ♦ celoe – chelsea *group gift*
Shoes ♦ N-Core – Coquette Platform
Clocks ♦ chronokit *free*
Pose ♦ R.icielli

Someone asked me about the little “phrases / words” i’ve been putting on my photos. Well, usually they are lyrics from the song that I was listening to while editing / take the photo or from the song that inspired the look. Some bloggers attached music videos to the end of their posts, I just add it right into the photo (plus I’m obsessed with typography.)


3 responses to “The boys get lonely after you leave

  1. Marsha S March 20 2012 at 7:08 am

    I gave not found a satisfactory sky setting with a mesh viewer. Which do you use ? I am using a windlight setting now but it doesn’t show in my Firestorm viewer. Thank you.

    • JoMac March 20 2012 at 9:13 am

      I use official V3 and have over 100 windlight settings. For photos, I just go through them and experiment. As for everyday use when I’m just hanging out, I prefer to use Luna Jubilee’s Bright Sparkly setting.
      Hope that helps!

  2. Marsha S March 20 2012 at 7:10 am

    Oh sorry forgot to chech the box for emails for responses. I am on my iPhone and this screen a little tiny.

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