Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

My love will get you home

Ever heard of Chronokit? Yeah, me neither until a few days ago. There’s some amazing mesh products available including this Long T Shirt. It comes in a variety of striped colours, as well as a solid black and solid white version. This was definitely one of those items where I was like “omg, i would total wear that in real life, i neeeeeeed to have it!” The only thing about chronokit is that they don’t seem to use the “Standard Sizing”…meaning this shirt only comes in Medium and Small. A leather jacket I also bought from there only comes in one size. So if you aren’t about wearing alpha layers to make half your body invisible, then you probably won’t like this store.

Another great pair of sunglasses have hit the SL market. Scrub released the My Aviators and they are quite good. They are texture changable and there are three levels of transparency for the lenses. They are available now at uhhh….Fashionable Late maybe? I forget! Sorry!

Hair ♦ LeLutka – Loose
Aviators ♦ Scrub – My Avaitor
Top ♦ chronokit – Long T Shirt
Shorts ♦ League – Booty Shorts
Flip flops ♦ Maitreya Gold
Pose ♦ Everglow


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