Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Mad World

Mesh is really starting to take over if you haven’t noticed. Even with the downsides, designers are moving to mesh. Included in that group is Insanya which is quickly becoming one of my favourite stores because of the great military style. Just released from Insanya is the new mesh Leather Jacket. It comes in 5 sizes, provided with 5 different alpha layers to suit your needs and is available in a variety of solid and camo colours. The best part? It’s only 175L (VIP members save 20% on the solid teal and camo teal which brings the price to 140L).

If you’re looking for a new place to shoot things or just love really great builds, check out [War Zone] Chernobyl Code. I was really impressed with this sim, it reminded me of a multiplayer map you’d see in Call of Duty…close quarters, small hiding spots, good sniper points.

Hair ♦ Analog Dog - Pause
Breather ♦ Rublik - Nocturne Sleek Breather
Necklace ♦ DECO - Shells of War (MESH)
Body Tattoo ♦ Luck Inc - CamoBody
Net shirt ♦ alterego - drop it hard (WCF)
Jacket ♦ insanya - Leather Jacket (MESH)
Skirt ♦ Blow-Up - Miniskirt Zipped
Boots ♦ COCO - Flat Ankle Boots (FREE)
Gun ♦ Epic Arsenal - M4 Carbine
Pose ♦ oOo Studio - Sexpot (GROUP GIFT)

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