Next Pointless Trend

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

Lady (of the night) In Red

We all know SL is full of whores right? So it’s not a surprise that they have their own couture. The Whore Couture Fair starts March 1st and lasts all month. There are a bunch of designers participating so expect to see some really great, quality whore items. Like this Crochet Tease dress from Le Primitif. Perfect for those days you want to show off what you got but still want to leave something to the imagination.

Have you seen the new Glamour Gross Hoops from EY:NO? Normally I don’t wear earrings but I really couldn’t resist these (and they go perfect with whore couture don’t ya think?)

Hair : Analog Dog - Pause
Earrings : EY:NO - Glamour Cross Hoops
Necklace - tb - Cross
Dress : Le Primitif - Crochet Tease (WCF)
Boots : TEN"10 - Megas Boots
Poses : GOLA (WCF)

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