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Carry This Picture For Luck

I have a few things I want to mention instead of doing a bunch of different posts. Last post I mentioned Evale (formerly Tart)…well, it got me thinking about some of the stores I used to go to ALL the time and I decided to re-visit a few, like Analog Dog. The first “real” hair I ever got was from AD and I’m glad to say that they still produce quality items. Most colour packs are around 250L, at AD, it’s 275L but you get more than double the colours that you normally do at other stores. I have a few styles on my wishlist but I had to pick up Pause. I love the messy up-do look and they’ve really captured it perfectly.

Next, these fantastic mesh boots from TEN”10. This store I’d never heard of until I searched ‘mesh’ on the Marketplace. Seriously guys, if you don’t use the MP, you’re missing out. They are some really great finds on there (yes, sometimes you have to go through pages of crap to find it but it’s there). They have a bunch of other great mesh products on the MP, including pullovers and other boots.

Lastly, I want to mention this mesh camera from Captivity Co. The Photographer prop is available at the ProPosers Expo going on now. It’s a mesh prop with 6 unique poses and two different camera textures. It’s really great and even useful as some home decor!

Hair : Analog Dog - Pause
Top : Just Me - Katy
Panties : Bishes
Shoes : TEN"10 - Megas boots
Pose & Camera : Captivity Co. - Photographer

2 responses to “Carry This Picture For Luck

  1. siXX February 18 2012 at 9:17 pm

    i have to get me one of those camera’s!

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